Can a normal laptop be used for gaming?

Both gaming laptop and a normal laptop can be used to do everyday stuff but to also play video games. The only difference is that a gaming laptop can run the newest games that will look great on it, while a normal laptop can’t. Or if you manage to boot up a demanding game, it will look awful.

At best you’ll be able to play a couple of years old games on high performance. That’s nothing to sneeze at if you’re not into new AAA titles. There’s also a lot of great indie games that you can spend years playing.


Comparison Table: Gaming Laptop vs Normal Laptop

Gaming LaptopNormal LaptopProcessorGaming Laptops have high performance processors that have multiple cores which have higher processing speeds.Normal laptops do not have as many cores as a gaming laptop . Therefore, those processors are ideal for tasks like emails, word processing etc.RAMGaming Laptops have 8GB to 16GB RAMNormal Laptops have 4GB to 8GB RAM.Battery LifeGaming laptops have power hungry components. Hence, it does not have an impressive battery health. Normal laptops do not have power hungry components such as dedicated graphics cards. Hence, batteries last upto 12 hours.GPUNormally, gaming laptops feature nvidia geforce or other high end graphics card that can facilitate graphics intensive workNormal laptops come with a built-in graphics card which is embedded in the on the central processing unit.Cooling SystemGaming laptops have multiple exhaust fans that compensate for the heat generated by various components of the laptop. Normal laptops do not have such advanced cooling systems. Typically, normal laptops have only one fan.KeyboardsGaming laptops have heavy duty keyboards which can endure the stress of gaming.Keys in a normal laptop keys are quite delicate and thus, better for typing.Number of PortsGaming laptops have many ports for connecting all sorts of gaming equipment. Normal laptops only have the basic ports such as USB, HDMI, Headphone port etc. Portability Gaming laptops are generally heavier because of its heavy duty components which creates a bit of difficulty in terms of carrying it along. Normal laptops are sleek and lightweight and therefore, easily portable. DisplayGaming laptop displays feature upto 300 Hz refresh rate. Normal laptops displays generally have a 60 Hz to 120 Hz refresh rate. Sound System Gaming laptops have louder and qualitative sound systems which enhance the gaming experience. Normal laptops have ordinary speakers.LongevityHow long a laptop will last actually depends on the way it is handled. However, due to having strong and high end components, gaming laptops usually last longer than normal laptops. How long a laptop will last actually depends on the way it is handled. However, normal laptops have a shorter lifespan compared to gaming laptops. Price An entry level gaming laptop costs around USD 700. An entry level normal laptop costs around USD 400.

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Gaming laptops and normal laptops have huge differences in terms of the purpose it serves and their components. In this part, we will explore those differences for your convenience.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gaming laptops?

I think now you know something about gaming laptops. So, let me explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of gaming laptops.


Powerful Processing

Gaming laptops usually have very strong processors (CPUs) which gives them a distinct advantage over regular laptops.

While graphics quality is nice, if you plan on getting a laptop specifically for work or studying, it doesn’t really matter how good games can look. Processing power, on the other hand, is almost always useful. It will help your operating system (OS) run fast, and prevent any programs from lagging.

Do you need to bring the power adapter?

You can of course take the power brick and cables with you, it just depends on what you’re doing. If you’re doing some resource heavy tasks, it will probably be worth it just for the improved performance. If you’re just taking some notes and have a decent battery, you might not need to use it.

I would suggest taking the power brick with you initially so you have it if you need it throughout the day. If not, then in the future you know you can leave it at home.

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