Can Flight Simulator teach you to be a pilot?

Online flight instructor service develops software to improve safety/proficiency with scenario-based training at home. This allows instructors to remotely control failures and weather while monitoring students.

Flight Sim Coach LLC (FSC) has developed new software called “FSC Link” which allows their remote flight instructors to control and monitor a student’s home flight simulator. This will allow home flight simulator users worldwide to receive the highest-quality remote training from expert instructors.

More Affordable Than Flying

With the fuel, maintenance, insurance and flight instructor fees, costs start to add up when you fly an actual airplane. Using a flight simulator, on the other hand, cuts out these overhead costs, easing some of the financial pressure of learning to fly. Plus, under certain programs, you can reduce the number of airborne lessons you may need to take by checking-off some flight plans through simulation. At the end of the process, you’re likely to see major savings compared to the cost of learning everything in the sky.

Of course, you’re plenty safe when flying with a certified flight instructor, but naturally the closest to the ground you are – the safer you are. Simulators give you the chance to learn and experiment with aircraft controls and flight methods from the safety of the ground. Without worrying about making a detrimental mistake, you’ll feel much more comfortable learning the flying tasks at hand. Even veteran pilots who are progressing on to more advanced certifications can benefit from using flight simulators, practicing emergency procedures or experiencing unique flying circumstances before they happen in the air.

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Familiarizing You with Aircraft Operations

One of the benefits of learning on a flight simulator is its ability to help you familiarize yourself with flight operations. The different types of flight simulators mimic the cockpit, flight controls, systems, and other flight mechanisms to give you a chance to explore them and get to know how to operate these systems together. And as you gain a better understanding of these different flight systems, you also practice your multitasking skills, which will help you become a better pilot.

The ultimate advantage of flight simulators is their ability to replicate all kinds of flight scenarios. You can experience realistic simulations of emergencies, low visibility conditions, and other dangerous flight situations and learn how to deal with them without risking your life and that of your instructor’s. Through these simulations, you may also make mistakes and learn from these errors without risking injury to yourself.

In What Areas Can A Flight Simulator Be Useless?

Despite the benefits that come along with using a flight simulator to augment your flight training, it is totally useless in some areas of flight. Flight simulators do very well and are effective in the areas they are helpful but completely useless in the areas they are not.

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