Can I still update my Chromebook after end of life?

If you didn’t already know, every Chromebook has a pre-determined shelf life when it comes to getting Chrome OS updates. This has people wondering: are Chromebooks secure? The software update expiration date is based on the CPU inside your Chromebook. Google has a site showing when every Chromebook will stop getting these automatic software updates.

You can also see the date on your device itself: Go into Settings, choose About Chrome OS and then click Additional details.

Continue to use your Chromebook as normal

You could continue to use your Chromebook even after the AUE date. Nothing happens to your Chromebook after the AUE date is reached. You’ll receive a warning message a few weeks before your last update takes place.

Chromebooks currently get updates every four weeks, which changed from the previous six weeks. This change was to bring updates online when the Chrome browser receives updates. This was a necessary step to get us one step closer to Chrome OS working separately from the Chrome browser.

Find the End of Life for Your Chromebook Device

You must find out the end of life or auto-expiration date for your Chromebook before you make a purchase. Otherwise, you will be at risk of purchasing a Chromebook that may stop receiving auto-updates and technical support in a couple of years. Whether you’re purchasing a budget Chromebook or one of the high-end ones, not being able to maximize your investment can be disappointing.

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Chromebook’s AUE is tied to the underlying platform being used by the Chromebook, not to the date of purchase or the device itself. A new Chromebook model might use an older platform, which makes it a little tricky to determine the AUE. Unfortunately, Chromebooks do not have an AUE mentioned on their packaging. But you can simply visit the Google Auto Update policy page to find a list of all Chromebooks and their corresponding AUE dates. Alternatively, you can also go to your Chromebook settings to find out when your device will receive its last update.

Chromebooks: Keep Your Device Updated And Secure

Chromebook users have been able to update their devices automatically since the device’s inception. However, as the devices age, this feature becomes less reliable. When a Chromebook reaches the end of its useful life, it will no longer be automatically updated for new features or security patches, potentially exposing it to security vulnerabilities. As a result, you should replace your Chromebook when it reaches the end of its useful life, as it will keep your device up to date and safe.

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Download and Install CloudReady

CloudReady is a standalone operating system that’s used to run Chrome OS on Windows and Mac devices. Although it differs fairly well from a Chromebook’s native OS, there are several similarities. Regardless, as you install CloudReady on your device, not only you’ll start to receive regular updates for your device, but your musty old Chromebook will have something new to begin working with.

The process might get hefty at times, and you might even run into some bugs and glitches along the way, but the result is what makes all the effort worth it. CloudReady has its own distinct interface that resembles Chrome OS very much at times, but what matters the most is getting your device back to full functionality, and it does just that.

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