Can you be hacked through Chrome?

(NewsNation) — If you use Google Chrome as an internet browser, beware: Your information could be compromised.

Google issued an alert warning billions of Chrome users that the browser has been successfully targeted by hackers.

Windows Defender

Similar to Avast Antivirus, you have Windows Defender, one of the top chrome extensions that keeps your details safe while browsing. The perk of this tool is that it runs underground while ensuring you’re safe from suspicious sites. Being a Microsoft tool, there are constant updates available for users to download and it is quite preferred for most Microsoft computers.

Pop-up ads are annoying especially when you’re checking important information online. Sometimes, these ads placed on sites directly link to phishing sites, hence causing more harm. For Adblock like the name suggests, you easily get rid of different ads displayed on your screen as well as avoid visiting dangerous sites. It serves this dual purpose for you and even restricts media apps monitoring your online behaviors.

Let’s find out how to update the Chrome browser

There is the latest Chrome version under the number 99.0.4844.84, and this version was released for Windows, Linux, and Mac. This Chrome version is at a huge risk, and that is why Google officials want to persuade every user to update the browser as soon as possible.

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Google said that this version includes only one security update, and there is a resolving zero-day exploit in the form of CVE-2022-1096. This exploit was revealed in March by an anonymous researcher who reported the situation to Google officials.

Researchers spotted 5 malicious Google Chrome extensions used to track users’ browsing activity and profit of retail affiliate programs.

McAfee researchers discovered five malicious Google Chrome extensions with a total install base of over 1,400,000. The malicious Google Chrome extensions were masquerading as Netflix viewers, website coupons, and apps for taking screenshots of a website.

The extensions a designed to track the user’s browsing activity, they are also able to insert code into eCommerce websites being visited. Basically, the extension modifies the cookies on the site so that the extension authors receive affiliate payment for any items purchased.

How to avoid getting infected

In order to avoid the attack, computer users are advised to use the most updated version of their browser. They are also advised to download browsers from official websites or stores. Users can also install an anti-virus on their system for added protection. If you are using Google Chrome, then you can turn on the Enhanced protection feature that is present on the browser’s privacy and security settings.

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