Can you fly a plane after Flight Simulator?

Can you fly a plane after Flight Simulator?

Learning to fly a plane can seem like an intimidating task, but with the help of modern technology and tools like flight simulators, it is becoming more accessible to the average person. In fact, some individuals claim that they were able to learn the basics of flying a plane using Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Sylvie is one such individual who spent an intensive five or six days playing Microsoft Flight Simulator to gain a better understanding of the controls and how they work together to create the perfect symphony of aerodynamics. After this training, Sylvie was able to fly the plane with ease and even take her hands off the controls and leave the building, all while the plane was still flying.

However, the question remains, can the average person learn to fly a plane using only a flight simulator? To put this to the test, Sylvie headed to the Academy of Aviation, where she met with flight instructor Steven Maltz to fly a Cessna 172 SP G1000 model.

Steven Maltz was optimistic about Sylvie’s ability to fly the plane, given her experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator. He noted that the similarities between the simulator and the actual aircraft are pretty great. Although the stakes are higher when flying a real plane, Steven believed that anyone who has had exposure to a simulator has an advantage when learning to fly a real plane.

During the flight, Sylvie had to keep the wings level and hold the nose of the plane in the right position while they ascended. Steven was there to guide her through the process, but Sylvie did an excellent job of following instructions and making adjustments. She was able to fly the plane smoothly and even made a successful landing, albeit with a few bumps along the way.

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Overall, the experience showed that it is possible for an average person to learn to fly a plane using a flight simulator as a training tool. While the simulator cannot replace actual flight experience and training with a qualified instructor, it can provide a solid foundation for anyone interested in flying.

Modern technology has made it easier for people to pursue their dreams of flying. Flight simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator can be a great starting point for anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of the controls and concepts of flying. However, it is crucial to remember that flying a real plane involves a different set of skills and knowledge, and it is always best to receive formal training from a qualified instructor to ensure safety and success.

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