Can you fly everywhere in Flight Simulator?

This ultra-lightweight aerobatic airplane is capable of some of the most extreme stunts imaginable. With a beautiful, accurate 3-D cockpit and a great flight model, this is sure to fulfill your looping, rolling, corkscrewing daydreams. Careful with the controls, though—as an aerobatic craft, the controls are super sensitive. The included read-me file will help set the plane up for best performance with your machine and joystick.

Leg 6: Dubai to Islamabad

This flight across Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan was perhaps one of the most surprising. The untamed mountains of the regions poking among the heavy clouds make for some of the most gorgeous sights.

Another certainly scenic flight across north-western Idia over famous wonders like the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the Baha’i Lotus Temple in Delhi, and finally the Taj Mahal.

Method : Using save states

A session in Microsoft Flight Simulator can be saved at any time. There aren’t any slots either, so you can even save multiple flights if you’d like. Using this feature will allow you to break up a flight into your own custom phases. Sticking with our previous six-hour flight, perhaps you can fly for an hour and then save. After that, you can return to the game as you have time to finish it up.

As safe as it sounds, there is one downside to this method. For some reason, the sim completely disables the passage of time and weather progression once a game is saved. Thus, everything that’s on-screen at that time gets baked into the settings and cannot be changed.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator New Land Anywhere Feature To Arrive For Game Soon

Another update is coming soon, and this time, we got the information from Tom Warren, the senior editor at The Verge. He tweeted about the latest New Land Anywhere feature in Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Microsoft’s head of Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann, reveals a new “land anywhere” feature. You can land in the sea, on snow etc. There will also be 22 tutorials on Xbox instead of the 8 on PC. Lots of work being done to make the game more accessible to Xbox newcomers

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