Can you take off from any airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

This ultra-lightweight aerobatic airplane is capable of some of the most extreme stunts imaginable. With a beautiful, accurate 3-D cockpit and a great flight model, this is sure to fulfill your looping, rolling, corkscrewing daydreams. Careful with the controls, though—as an aerobatic craft, the controls are super sensitive. The included read-me file will help set the plane up for best performance with your machine and joystick.

More Controls

If you have access to some of the buttons and the trigger inputs on the controller along with the Left Stick, you will be able to fly with more manual control of the plane’s functions to Control actions such as speed, yaw and braking to enable manual take-off and landing, while still using the assistance settings.

If you have access to the Right Stick, you can use this to control the camera which can be useful for looking around in these situations to navigate your surroundings. The use of the Left and Right Stick can be alternated as they do not have to be used simultaneously. The Right Stick is also used for scrolling to navigate many of the menus, along with the Left Stick which controls a cursor. The D-pad can be used as an alternative way to navigate some menus.

Top 6 must-visit airports in MFS.

To make the most out of the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience, you can visit these 6 airports that’ll make your day-

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One of the most popular cities in the world, London has a great vibe and atmosphere, including airports. When you descend into the airport, you’ll notice the London eye, the O2, and several other landmarks.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has landed on Xbox All Access to give you the gift of the skies. Here’s how to get started in your new journey as a pilot extraordinary.

Flight Simulator 2020 does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to take to the skies in everything from small Cessnas through to the herculean Airbus A320.

10 years in the making, Microsoft has painstakingly created the whole world in the game with the help of satellite imagery from Bing Maps.


  • It’s a stellar rendition of the airport in terms of pure visuals. The feeling of realism is nearly tactile.
  • Works very well with AI traffic.
  • Awesome optimization leading to great performance for such a large airport.
  • The terminal interiors and windows are top-notch.
  • All the approaches, SIDS, and STARS work correctly.
  • Looks even better in the rain and snow doesn’t look as bad as it usually does.
  • Jetways are custom and animated, but most are incorrect in their portrayal of the real ones.
  • Multiple buildings are outdated by several years.
  • Some of the runways and of the apron areas could use having their colors tweaked.
  • PAPI lights and windows are set up incorrectly.

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