Can you use your phone as a Stream Deck?

The Razer Kishi V2 is already an effortless way to upgrade your smartphone into a handheld gaming machine, but a new software update for both the Kishi V2 hardware and its accompanying Nexus app now makes the clamp-on controller compatible with games that only support touchscreen inputs. At least if you’re on Android.


Mobile Apps

A plethora of mobile apps is available that serve the same purpose as a Stream Deck by converting your mobile phone into a control panel. Here are our top picks for mobile alternatives for the Stream Deck.

Available on Android devices, the Matric App turns your smartphone into a media deck. The app has native supports for OBS studio.

Linux Setup

Setup is very easy. The biggest hurdle is you might need to set up your firewall to allow the server to listen on port 8500 with TCP. There are a few small issues when installing with Linux that you might want to watch out for. There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions in deb, tar.gz, and appimage format. There’s also a snap. The problem with the snap is it is sandboxed, so without effort you can’t easily launch programs, which is kinda the entire point. I finally removed it and installed the deb file which was fine.

There were still two other wrinkles. First, while Deckboard offers a way to launch programs, it must be a program from a list it reads from your system. That would be acceptable, but the list wasn’t complete. I never did figure out why some things show up on the list and others don’t. For example, GIMP which shows up on my application menu was absent. Yet other things that were fairly obscure did show up.

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Siri Shortcuts on iOS

That’s not all… Stream Deck Mobile on iOS also gets an update today, incorporating Siri Shortcuts to trigger actions — hands free.

The possibilities are endless. You could say “Hey Siri, add accents” or “Hey Siri, swap voice 1 & 2”, without even touching your Stream Deck or iPhone. Now you can finally talk to your score and have it behave!

Top Two Positive Reviews

If you’re a streamer and don’t have money to buy the physical Elgato Stream Deck; This is the next best thing. It’s pretty much fully customizable, you can add up to 12 buttons, maybe more, I only use 8. To the devs: I do love the app, it saves me a lot of time. However, there are a few things I would like to point out that would make the app better for me, and probably others too. 1- Stream Markers: Only for Twitch?!?! Why not Youtube too?! 2- Please add more platforms. As of right now you only have Twitch and Youtube…

Game changer! I’ve been wanting something like this for years! I used this app first, but convinced my employer to buy me a hardware unit. My search for macro devices is over! My setup is amazing now with 1 physical streamdeck and a tablet and phone running this. I can’t understand people thinking a company would just give this away…

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