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Codes for Ghost Simulator – Roblox

free Codes for Ghost Simulator - Roblox

Ghost Simulator is a ghost hunting game and your objective is to suck up the ghosts to sell their ectoplasm, the ghosts you suck up will leave you rewards that will help you improve your level and accessories.

In this article we are going to share with you codes for Ghost Simulator to get free gifts but we will also tell you some secrets about the game.


In total there are thirty zones and the best rewards are found in the most difficult biomes with the most powerful ghosts, in each biome scenario you will be assigned a mission that you must complete to move on to the next scenario.


Pets, which in this game you can have from 3 to 6 pets, are used to suck up ghosts faster and sell the ectoplasm you collect at a higher price. Pets are bought in stores and pet boxes.


Ghosts are of three types, common ghosts, rare ghosts, special ghosts and you must vacuum them to get ectoplasm.

There are three kinds of special ghosts: mini bosses, bosses and mega bosses. Defeating each one is more complicated than the rest, but the ectoplasm rewards are greater.

List of active codes for Ghost Simulator

The following list contains only currently active and valid codes for Ghost Simulator game.

  • SOUL
  • Bubble
  • SEA
  • PLAY
  • R1FT
  • SPAC3
  • 1YEAR
  • BB250K

List of expired codes for Ghost Simulator

The following codes are no longer active and have been withdrawn and are therefore no longer functional.

  • BIT
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