Codes for Sneeze Simulator

Codes for Sneeze Simulator – Roblox

Codes for Sneeze Simulator roblox free

Sneeze Simulator is a game that aims to contaminate and sicken as many people as possible (create a pandemic) and for this reason in this article we give you all the codes to have free prizes.

At the beginning of the game you will be the carrier of a huge disease. You will have to get close to the other players to infect them and thus climb levels, earn points, coins and powers.

The most effective way to spread the virus in the game is by sneezing, so you must try to create powerful sneezes by increasing their strength, intensity and range.

Airports are an excellent place to spread sneezes. You will know that the infection is successful because the avatars will turn green indicating that they are sick.

List of active codes for Sneeze Simulator

The following list shows all currently functional and active codes for the game Sneeze Simulator.

  • PlanetMilo
  • Update1
  • release
  • hattime
  • color
  • evolution
  • CarbonMeister
  • Sub2Telanthric
  • hatfix
  • update4
  • awesomecastle
  • congrads
  • beachdays
  • 5MVisits
  • update2
  • neoland
  • shiny
  • YTSnugLife
  • imsorry
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