Codes for Survive the Killer

Codes for Survive the Killer – Roblox

Assassin Survival is a survival game in which you can choose to be a survivor or an assassin and the objective of one is to resist or escape for 10 minutes, while the objective of the other is to kill everyone before time runs out.

Survive the Killer - Roblox

The assassins are very powerful, but luckily the survivors have three lives and can save each other.

The game has six modes.

  • Classic mode.

This is the most played and easiest mode. The assassins are slower, less strong and less resistant. Therefore, it is possible to kill them.

  • Extreme mode.

Extreme mode is darker, in many cases you’ll need a flashlight to see anything. Assassins are faster, stronger and more resistant.

It is advisable to avoid confrontations and narrow spaces and stay in small groups of survivors to better illuminate the environment with a flashlight.

  • Assassin mode

This mode is a deathmatch between teams: survivors and assassins. After a 10-minute test of strength, the two teams face each other. The team that kills the most people wins.

  • Endless survival mode

In this mode, survivors are on the receiving end of an endless wave of assassins. It can be played by one, two, three and four players.

The more waves you survive, the more powerful the assassins become. The game ends when all survivors are captured or killed.

  • Area 51 attack mode

This mode is easy to master. You have to go through Area 51 without being killed by assassins or soldiers.

  • House of Death mode
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This mode is a training mode. We recommend you to try it to improve your skills.

List of active codes (Killer Survival)

The following list contains only valid game codes for Roblox Survival of the Killer.

  • WhatsTheCode
  • ThatsALotOfVisits
  • TEST

List of expired codes (Survive the Killer)

The following list contains only expired codes and therefore not valid:

  • LUCKY2020
  • FRIDAY13
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