All commands for Roblox

Have you seen other players doing special moves in the game and want to know what are the commands in Roblox? Here we will show you all about Roblox commands, showing you how to do each of the Emotes in Roblox. We will show you how to do each command in Roblox and we will also see the commands for administrators.

You should know that your experience level increases the amount of commands and emotes in Roblox and that you can access them for free in the in-game store. Look for the Emotes category in the Catalog and you will find them at your disposal.

What are commands in Roblox?

If you are a player, Roblox commands will help you to interact with other players through the chat, take actions, ask for help or, if you are an administrator, create functions and actions in the game or for the players. In Roblox it is important to interact with other players to get more score and be able to create your own game.

The commands in Roblox are instructions or also known as codes that must be typed in the game chat and that allow your avatar to perform an action, which is known as Emote and can be a funny dance or a particular animation, in addition to the other functions that we described in the previous paragraph.

These emotes make your avatar show your emotions to the other players with a simple command, and you will not be able to resist seeing your avatar expressing emotions and actions.

How to use commands in Roblox?

You have a lot of free commands to find in a list in this article, however some special emotes need to be purchased with robux, the official currency of the platform. To execute the commands you have to open the chat, the keyboard shortcut to open the chat is ” Shift + / “.

The operation is very simple, the player enters a certain code in the game chat and his avatar will make an Emote to interact with the rest of the characters.

However if you want to know step by step how to enter the commands in Roblox:

  • Log in with your Roblox account and play the game of your choice.
  • Within the game press the key combination “Shift + /” to open the chat window (or click on the message icon at the top left of the screen).
  • Now in the chat you just have to type one of the commands.
    After typing the command press the “Enter” key.

command for roblox

Command list of all emotes in Roblox

Use this fantastic list of Commands and Emotes for chat, look at our list, choose your favorite and just use it.

Don’t worry if you haven’t bought the commands yet, you can use the most basic ones offered by Roblox just type the following commands:

  • /? or /help        (Used to ask for help).
  • /c >channel>   (Changes the channel)
  • /whisper or /w  (Whisper to a single player and talk privately with another player)
  • /e shrug          (The avatar will shrug his shoulders)
  • /mute             (Mutes or silences the player of your choice so they can’t talk to you)
  • /e stadium      (Makes our avatar do the wave)
  • /e wave          (greets another player)
  • /e tilt               ( the avatar tilts exactly 15 degrees)
  • /e point          (point to a certain place or avatar)
  • /e cheer          (cheer up)
  • /e laugh          (laugh)
  • /e dance         (dance one)
  • /e dance2       (dance two)
  • /e dance3       (dance three)
  • /e sleep          (command to put your avatar to sleep)
  • /e thumbsup    (Thumbs up, indicating that you are well)
  • /e beg             (Beg your enemies with this command)
  • /e blowkiss      (The avatar will start blowing)
  • /e bow            (bow gesture)
  • /e cell             (make a phone call)
  • /e watch         (hold your finger to your eye)
  • /e excited       (jump up and down with excitement)
  • /e chestpuff    (pretend you are opening a treasure chest)
  • /e choke         (pretend you’re drowning)
  • /e clap           (clap your hands to congratulate another player)
  • /e terminal
  • /e confused    (show your confusion)
  • /e no             (Your avatar will say no, just by shaking his head)
  • /e drink         (The solution to thirst is to drink water)
  • /e head         (Your avatar will take his head, worried)
  • /e eat           (Eat if you are hungry)
  • /e strong       (Show your muscle strength)
  • /e fistpound   (Arm up and fist up)
  • /e flex           (your avatar will get a workout)
  • /e pose         (attitude and pose is the important thing)
  • /e evillaugh   (Your avatar with evil and scary laugh)
  • /e observe    (Tell the other players to observe something)
  • /e pickup      (pretend to pick up something from the floor)
  • /e picture     (Take a picture as a souvenir)
  • /e read        (pretend to read)
  • /e rude        (Your avatar will become rude)
  • /e salute      (greet the other players nicely)
  • /e search     (Search or pretend to search)
  • /e smokebomb (Throw a smoke bomb)
  • /e bringit     (Ask for a game to be brought)
  • /e walkie     (Make use of a walkie talkie.)
  • /e wary       (Walk on tippy toes, stealth mode)
  • /e cry         (If you’re sad cry)
  • /e shake     (shake your body)
  • /e rest        (Take a rest)
  • e/ flirt        (To flirt with other players in a subtle way)

Some emotes you have to get them in the avatar store that you will find in the official Roblox site. If you want to use the emotes in an easier way, organize the ones you like the most in the avatar editor in the emotes tab. This way you will only have to mark the corresponding number and your avatar will make the emote that you have told it.

emotes organize

To know the emotes you have loaded, next to the chat icon you will find one of a doll where a roulette with Roblox commands will be displayed.

There are many more emotes that you can buy in Roblox. All of them cost Robux that you can get in the official store by buying them.

Can I buy Commands for Roblox?

In the ROBLOX Store you will find many free Emotes, you know that you must go to the store and search in the Emotes catalog. However, there are paid commands that add a plus for your avatar. You won’t need to spend a single Robux.

Are there special commands for administrators?

In the different Roblox games you can be a player, moderator or administrator in the different games.

After you become an administrator you will have privileges over the rest of the players, for example you can use emotes without having to use commands. The advantage of using commands is that you can use them all without needing to equip them.

When you have achieved this, you will have exclusive options that players do not have at their disposal. Your role as an administrator is to moderate the game chat to help improve the community and maintain a proper atmosphere by avoiding comments that may harm others.

Your Commands and Emotes as an administrator are on the left margin, click on the avatar that appears to be able to use the Emoticons and Commands. You can also create and have totally different commands than the players, without having to type in the chat.

To become an administrator you will need to know how to program in LUA language. When you create your first game use the Roblox commands for administrators and modify the rules of the game as you wish. To run them you must put in the chat /cmds. You have packages in the store, some free and some paid.

How to activate admin commands in my roblox game?

For this you only need to add a script package like Kohl’s Admin Infinite to your game and it will activate many more commands than the default ones in a roblox game.

Kohl's Admin Infinite Testing



Besides bringing you the list of commands as a player, we also bring you the list of administrator commands, which will be very useful to enjoy exclusive options that you can only get by using them as an administrator.

With the administrator commands you will not only affect your character, but also the character of other players or the game itself. You will be able to perform an action such as creating fire or exploding a player’s avatar. It is important to remember that to be able to do all this you need to have permissions in the game, in some games the permissions are for all players so you can have all these commands.

fire me command roblox

To use these administrator commands, replace the name Kohl with the name of the player of your choice

  • 0. clean – is a command that anyone can use to remove hats/tools left around the place.
  • :s print(“Hello World”) – Allows you to type normally
  • :ls print(“Hello World”) – Allows you to lead in local scripts
  • :clear – Will remove all local scripts / scripts and jails
  • :m Hello People – these commands will allow you to shout a message to everyone on the server
  • :kill kohl – Kill the player
  • :respawn kohl – Respawn the player
  • :trip kohl – Shoot the player
  • :stun kohl – Stun the player
  • unstun kohl – Unstun the player
  • :jump kohl – Makes player jump
  • :sit kohl – Makes the player sit down
  • invisible kohl – Makes player invisible
  • :visible kohl – Makes the player visible
  • explode kohl – Makes the player explode
  • fire kohl – Sets the player on fire
  • unfire kohl – Removes fire from the player
  • :smoke kohl – Adds smoke to the player
  • unsmoke kohl – Removes smoke from the player
  • :sparkles kohl – Adds sparkles to the player
  • unsparkles kohl – Removes sparkles from the player
  • :ff kohl – Adds a force field to the player
  • unff kohl – Remove player’s force field
  • :punish kohl – Punish the player
  • :unpunish kohl – stop punishing the player
  • :freeze kohl – Freeze the player
  • :thaw kohl – Defrost the player
  • heal kohl – Heals the player
  • :god kohl – Makes the player have infinite health
  • :ungod kohl – Makes player have 100 health
  • :ambient .5 .5 .5 .5 – Change the environment
  • :brightness .5 – Change brightness
  • :time 12 – Change the time
  • :fogcolor .5 .5 .5 .5 – Change fog color
  • :fogend 100 – Change legend
  • :fogstart 100 – Change legend
  • :removetools kohl – Remove all tools from player
  • :btools kohl – Give the player construction tools
  • :give kohl sword – Gives the player a sword
  • :damage kohl – Damages the player
  • :grav kohl – Sets the player’s gravity to normal
  • :setgrav kohl 100 – Sets player’s gravity to 100
  • :nograv kohl – Makes the player have zero gravity
  • health kohl 1337 – Changes player health
  • :speed kohl 1337 – Changes player speed
  • :name kohl potato – Changes the player’s name
  • :unname kohl – Remove player name
  • :team kohl Raiders – Change the player’s team
  • :stopmusic – Stop all music playing on the server
  • :teleport kohl potato – Teleport the player
  • :change kohl kills 1337 – Change a player’s stats
  • :kick kohl – Removes the player from the game
  • infect kohl – Turns the player into a zombie
  • rainbowify kohl – Turns the player into a rainbow
  • :flashify kohl – Turns the player into a strobe light
  • noobify kohl – Turns the player into a rookie
  • ghostify kohl – Turns player into a ghost
  • :goldify kohl – Turns the player into gold
  • :shiny kohl – Makes the player shiny
  • 59. :normal kohl – Turns the player back to normal
  • :trippy kohl – Randomly spams colors on the player’s screen
  • :untrippy kohl – Endoca player
  • :strobe kohl – Black and white spams on player’s screen
  • :unstrobe kohl – Blinds the player
  • blind kohl – Blinds the player
  • unblind kohl – Unblinds the player
  • :guifix kohl – Will fix trippy / strobe / blind on a player
  • fling kohl – Throw the player
  • :seizure kohl – Puts the player in a seizure
  • :music 1337 – Play a sound from the ID
  • lock kohl – Lock the player
  • unlock kohl – Unlocks the player
  • :removelimbs kohl – Removes the player’s limbs
  • :jail kohl – Puts the player in jail
  • :unjail kohl – Removes the player’s jail
  • :fix – This will fix the lighting back to its original settings
  • :fly kohl – Makes the player fly
  • :unfly kohl – Removes flying from the player
  • :noclip kohl – Causes the player to noclip
  • :clip kohl – Removes noclipping from the player
  • :pm kohl Hey brouton – Send the player a private message
  • :dog kohl – Turns player into a dog
  • :undog kohl – Turns player back to normal
  • creeper kohl – Turns the player into a creeper
  • uncreeper kohl – Turns player back to normal
  • :place kohl 1337 – Gives the player starting tools
  • :char kohl 261 – Will make a player look like a different player ID
  • :unchar kohl – Will return the player to normal
  • :h Hello People – This will shout out a hint to everyone
  • :rank kohl 109373 – Will display a message with the Role and Rank of the person in a group
  • :starttools kohl – Will give the player startup tools
  • :sword kohl – Will give the player a sword
  • :bighead kohl – Will make the player’s head larger than normal
  • :minihead kohl – will make the player’s head smaller than normal
  • :insert 1337 – Will insert a model in the speaker’s position
  • :disco – will cause the server to display random colors
  • :flash – will cause the server to flash
  • :admins – Will display the list of admins
  • :bans – Displays the ban list
  • :musiclist – Show music list
  • :spin kohl – Makes the player spin
  • :cape kohl Really black – Gives the player a colored cape
  • :uncape kohl – Removes the player’s layer
  • :loopheal kohl – Heals the player constantly
  • :loopfling kohl – Will constantly launch the player
  • :hat kohl 1337 – Will give the player a hat under the identification of 1337
  • :unloopheal kohl – will remove the player’s loopheal
  • :unloopfling kohl – Will remove the loopfling in the player
  • :unspin kohl – Will remove player spin
  • :tools – Gives a list of the tools in the lighting
  • :undisco – Remove disco effects
  • :unflash – Remove flash effects
  • :resetstats kohl – Sets all stats of a player to 0
  • :gear kohl 1337 – Gives a gear to a player
  • :cmdbar – Gives the speaker a command bar
  • :shirt kohl 1337 – Changes the player’s shirt
  • :pants kohl 1337 – Changes player’s pants
  • :face kohl 1337 – Changes the player’s face
  • :swagify kohl – Swagify player
  • :version – shows the current version of the administrator
  • :tm 1337 yolo – display a message for 1337 seconds
  • :countdown 120 – Displays a countdown message, reaches a maximum of 120 seconds
  • :clone kohl – creates a clone of the player
  • :lsplr kohl print(“yolo”) – Creates a local script inside a player
  • :startergive kohl epic – Gives a player a team in his starter package
  • .:control kohl – Controls a player

Other ways to get and use administrator commands?

The vast majority of Roblox administrator commands are exclusive to administrators or moderators and therefore not all users can use them. There are several ways to access these commands:

  • Purchasing an Admin Pass with Robux: this pass can be purchased with Robux, the in-game currency, and usually costs around 1,000 Robux, depending on the country you reside in.
  • Purchasing free commands: some administrator commands are free, although this is not usually the case. For example the most popular command package is Kohl’s Admin Infinite.

Obviously in the case of administering your own server you will have access to these commands for free. To enter the admin commands you have to open the chat in a game and then type “: cmds”.

After that you just have to copy and paste or type one of the admin commands and press “Enter” to enter it.

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