Tutorial for Counter Blox (ROBLOX Offensive)

Guide for Counter Blox (ROBLOX Offensive)

If you have heard of the classic Counter Strike game, you should definitely try Counter Blox, a first person, multiplayer, shooting and gun focused game but for Roblox, with more than ten different maps.

guide counter blox

In this article we will give you the best tips to be the best in Counter Blox, an authentic Navy Seal or a sniper who only has accurate shots.

Of course this game is based on the game Counter Strike Global Offensive, so it keeps the same gameplay.

In Counter Blox (ROBLOX Offensive) you will have to choose between two teams, the terrorist team or the anti-terrorist team. The terrorists will be in charge of placing a bomb in the base of the anti-terrorists and the latter has the main task of preventing them from placing the bomb and explode it.

The most important thing in this game is that you do not stop moving, if you are constantly moving it will be very difficult for an enemy to take you unawares and focus the shooting sight on you.

Keyboard shortcuts for Counter Blox

Being a game of pure skill and speed like its inspiration (Counter Strike) there are many keys that most people do not know and will make you a better player. Below we will show you what are all the keyboard shortcuts to be the fastest in the game.

  • Right click – target or modification.
  • Left click – shoot, plant a bomb or throw.
  • U – team chat.
  • Y – public chat.
  • WASD – Movement keys.
  • Spacebar – With this key the character will jump.
  • Ctrl – With this key the character crouches.
  • E – interact with objects and players.
  • N – Open the Menu.
  • P- Change weapon.
  • B- Buy.
  • R- Reload weapon.
  • G- Drop the weapon in your hand.
  • 1- Primary weapon.
  • 2- Secondary weapon.
  • 3- Choose knife.
  • 4- Choose grenades.
  • 5- Bomb.
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Advantages and disadvantages of playing Counter Blox

So that you can decide if this shooter style game is good for you or if you want to play another game of the same style like Arsenal inside Roblox or other games like Counter Strike or Doom, here we bring you the pros and cons of playing it.

  • Advantages of Counter Blox:

The game is very fluid with easy to control the player with uncomplicated keyboard shortcuts.
Great level of weapon customization.
It focuses on the multiplayer mode so it is very competitive and hard to get bored.

  • Disadvantages of Counter Blox:

Few possibilities to configure the game features.
High graphics requirements so you will need a computer with decent requirements and even if you have a graphics card the game runs very well.

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