Do Chromebooks slow down over time?

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Question from Brad: I recently bought my first Chromebook and I really like it because it’s a lot faster than I expected for a laptop this cheap!

How to speed up your Chromebook?

Following are the ways by which you can speed up your Chromebook:

  1. Update Chrome OS
  2. Close the unwanted apps from the task manager
  3. ) Remove unwanted extensions
  4. Avoid opening too many tabs
  5. Remove unwanted applications
  6. Clean up hard drive and SSD
  7. Powerwash
  8. (3tixag tixag_2) Turn Off Extensions to Speed ​​Up Chromebook

    If you’ve been using a Chromebook for a while you likely have installed at least a few extensions. If you are like me, you probably have dozens installed. Extensions are helpful or fun apps that help you do or view something in Chrome. There are productivity extensions, weather extensions, note-taking extensions, and tons of others. You can see and manage your extensions at chrome://extensions/. I cover my favorite note-taking app in my Teacher’s Guide to Getting Organized with Google Keep post.

    While extensions are helpful in certain circumstances, it’s unlikely you need them all running at the same time. Each one you have running is using at least a little bit of your memory and some are using a lot of it. You should turn off any extension you don’t need. This can be a pain, but one of my favorite free extensions makes it easy. It’s called Extensity and it allows you to quickly turn individual extensions on and off. You can learn more about it in this quick video I made which shows you how it works.

    Cut down the extensions

    In most cases of Chromebooks slowing down, too many extensions become the culprit. Extensions can add more weight to the memory, causing the browser and computer to slug. For this reason, it is essential to cut down the extensions as much as you can. But if you want them to stay, be sure to manage them with the extension manager. These steps will help you disable the extensions.

    Chromebook Running Slow? Use These Quick Fixes For Laggy Devices

    Noticed your Chromebook running slow? Just like any laptop, tablet, or phone, Chromebooks aren’t immune to the dreaded slow-down, despite functioning heavily on the cloud. You may notice your device becoming sluggish after a just few months of use (boot time takes longer, apps open slower, audio stutters, etc) and that just won’t fly in the classroom. So, what’s bogging down your device and how do you you speed it back up?

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