Do Chromebooks stop updating?

If you didn’t already know, every Chromebook has a pre-determined shelf life when it comes to getting Chrome OS updates. This has people wondering: are Chromebooks secure? The software update expiration date is based on the CPU inside your Chromebook. Google has a site showing when every Chromebook will stop getting these automatic software updates.

You can also see the date on your device itself: Go into Settings, choose About Chrome OS and then click Additional details.

Extend the Life of Your Chromebook with Parallels Desktop for Chromebook

Technically, you can keep using your Chromebook beyond its AUE for as long as it works. But if you’re not comfortable doing that, there’s a workaround that allows you to enjoy an up-to-date OS without switching your Chromebook. With Parallels®️ Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise, you can run a Windows virtual machine on Chrome OS. You can run your applications on the Windows virtual machine, which will still be getting the latest Windows updates.

Using Windows on Chromebook with Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS is seamless because of mouse, camera, microphone and USB smart-card reader support that provides full integration with Chrome Enterprise solutions. You can also print directly from Windows applications to Chrome OS printers. You can switch instantly between Windows and Chrome OS without rebooting your device and even move content between the two environments through a shared clipboard. And because it allows you to run full-featured Windows applications, including Microsoft Office, you can leverage the full power of Windows while enjoying all the benefits of a Chrome OS.

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Chromebooks: Keep Your Device Updated And Secure

Chromebook users have been able to update their devices automatically since the device’s inception. However, as the devices age, this feature becomes less reliable. When a Chromebook reaches the end of its useful life, it will no longer be automatically updated for new features or security patches, potentially exposing it to security vulnerabilities. As a result, you should replace your Chromebook when it reaches the end of its useful life, as it will keep your device up to date and safe.

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Hardware that Becomes Obsolete

Around you, technology only gets better, faster. That demands better screen quality, CPUs, and storage devices. It also means that if you are still using an old Chromebook, you’ll miss out on many modern services.

Take Netflix, for example. If you’re using a Chromebook that expired in 2018 or before, you can no longer enjoy your favorite shows on it. That seems rather unfair because a Windows laptop from 2015 can still stream your shows without as much as a hitch. It’s a downside but not one you should trade off if you’re worried about security.

Reinvigorate your Chromebook With Ubuntu Linux

You might already be familiar with the small-scale Linux Terminal on your Chromebook. It’s great to install powerful applications such as GNU and find yourself a substitute for mainstream programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat. However, under this heading, we do not refer to this Linux, rather the Ubuntu Linux downloadable on your Chromebook through a program called Crouton.

This is one of the many Linux distributions that power your Chromebook in quite a unique way. Moreover, you can easily go back and forth between Ubuntu Linux and Chrome OS using Crouton, so there’s a plus. This new operating system breathes freshness into your device and lets you benefit from a highly refined interface instead. However, do note that before proceeding with installing anything of the like, you will need to enable the Developer Mode.

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