Does a Chromebook need antivirus?

Just how safe is your Chromebook and could you make it even safer? As you know, most computers will come with pre-installed security programs such as an antivirus and firewall, as they want to ensure you get some form of protection out of the box. This is no different from a Chromebook, which has security programs designed to protect you from a wide range of viruses. However, while the pre-installed antivirus on the Chromebook is good, this article takes you through some reasons you might want to install an additional antivirus.

Does a Chromebook Even Need an Antivirus?

How to ensure the best virus protection for Chromebook?

Judging by the way they are built, Chromebook devices make a pretty good job at sandboxing. They take this technology all the way to a tab’s level, meaning that if one tab is infected in any way while you surf the web, the other tabs and apps are still safe. And still, the unsecure websites and phishing scams lurking from the depth of the internet make it difficult to stay protected. Even when you’re running on the latest Chrome OS update.

Identity theft still remains a serious reason for concern, considering the numerous mechanisms that hackers have at hand to get your personal, sensitive information. So, if you want to “breathe a little easier” than Google itself can help you breathe, walk the extra mile and get yourself a decent antivirus software.

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What Are The Free Antivirus For Chromebook?

I know you are here for free antivirus malware scanner but, in some cases, free versions are not enough to protect your laptop PC. That’s why along with free versions, I also shared paid software too, and that will provide additional security to your chrome OS.

Chromebooks are designed with security in mind…

Chromebooks are designed with security in mind. The Chrome operating system is built on a secure foundation and runs multiple layers of security to keep you safe from viruses and malware.

You don’t need to install any antivirus software on your Chromebook, because the Chrome OS is already equipped with everything you need to stay protected. Every time you restart your Chromebook, it automatically updates itself with the latest security features and software.

Fake and malicious Extensions

Chrome OS and Chrome Browser extensions aren’t perfect. In fact, extensions can sometimes be more vulnerable to malware. Take the recent fake Adblock Plus extension for example — it was downloaded by thousands of Chrome users, which is a lot.

There are various types of fake extensions you can encounter, but many of them are quite similar. For example, the simplest type of extension that claims to be something it’s not one that claims to be a browser enhancement or plugin.

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