Does Nintendo have a Flight Simulator?

astragon Entertainment and Jujubee have announced that Take Off: The Flight Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch.

In this flight simulation game, you will have the chance to pilot 24 airplanes each with realistic cockpits. These range from different models such as classic passenger airplanes, seaplanes and transport planes.


Interstellar everywhere

This exploration won’t just be for show, either. Spaceflight Simulator is poised to include a full-scale recreation of our solar system, including virtual versions of our solar system’s planets and moons that have the same dimensions of their real life counterparts, and the same physical attributes. These planets will be reachable and thus the spacecraft you build has to be able to withstand their extreme conditions.

Is Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to Switch?

To give you all an answer for this one right off the bat, no, there’s no Switch release planned for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The title is published by Xbox Game Studios, which means that it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a port come to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Yes, other Microsoft exclusive titles have made their way to the Nintendo Switch before, such as Cuphead. Still, due to the high graphical fidelity of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a Switch port would likely not work out all that well

Additional Points

Flying through an area with mountains

The simulator does not have a full instrument panel, which I found disappointing. It has 4 instruments and a throttle indicator. That’s not a lot for an airplane. However, it does have the attitude indicator which has always been my favorite airplane instrument to watch on a simulator.

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Prepare to Take Off

Grandad is ready to retire and he’s handing the keys to his airport over to you. You start the game by creating your pilot card which features a profile picture, your name and airport company. From there you jump into a plane for a tutorial to get to grips with the flight controls, these are presented via text boxes and showing a screen of the controls which I didn’t find very helpful. You’re taught how to take off, move the wings about and of course land.

However, I found that a lot of this I had to just figure out for myself through frustrating trial and error. I rarely felt I had full control of the plane, with the controls often feeling fiddly. Landing, in particular, was difficult as I could rarely get down. I followed the steps, yet often made a mistake and the plane crashed leading to another tedious restart of the entire mission.

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