Does Roblox have child predators?

Now it’s May and soon it will be summer! But before everyone heads back to the beach or wherever most people go for the summer, we had a chance to review two great games that are must-have games for your digital library. Rain on Your Parade is a game all about you as a cloud wreaking havoc on the people in the game. With great skills, many levels with different objectives and fun, this is a great game for those who loved Donut County and Untitled Goose Game. The second game is a title that has been around for quite some time, but we finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy this amazing game. What Remains of Edith Finch is a story based game where you, as Edith, return to her family home to finally find out what happened to her family.

So you’re a cloud and you have the ability to make it rain on everyone and everything you see and what’s wrong with that? LOL. In this amazing action game Rain on Your Parade you can live out all your youthful dreams to ruin people’s days. From raining on everyone at a wedding to ruining everyone’s day at the beach, there’s no limit to your mayhem. With clever power-ups, lots of different levels and special levels that are some throwbacks to well-known video game series, this is a game for players who love games like Donut County and Untitled Goose Game. Be sure to read our review here and check out some gameplay footage below of Rain on Your Parade.

Child predators on Roblox

As unfortunate as it is, where there are children, there are child predators as well. What is the ultimate children’s playground on one side also has a dark underbelly where sexual predators find their prey on the other.

There have been numerous reports worldwide of children being targeted by predators and featuring inappropriate content around the world. One such report involved a 12-year-old being explicitly texted and threatened outside of the game. Others include children stumbling into sex rooms, being lured and locked inside the rooms, being virtually gang-raped, being contacted by strangers and herded onto other more dangerous apps and sites, and even kidnapping in real life.

Is ROBLOX safe for children?

What parents need to know about ROBLOX.

The last question is: “Is ROBLOX safe for children?” It’s something we’re seeing on Facebook as users share the above reports.

Netflix’s Sonic Prime Virtual World Premier

Now, the highly anticipated animated series Sonic Prime will make its world premiere on December 15th on Netflix! In just one week, you will be able to relax with the kids on the sofa and watch the premiere! Who is excited??

Want to take a sneak peek? We are excited to share this opportunity with our Kidas family! As a gift to familiar or new fans of the iconic blue blur, Netflix will debut the first 40-minute episode of the new series in the popular GameFam-developed Sonic Speed ​​Simulator available only on Roblox starting Saturday, December 10 at 7am PT / 10am ET and will end at 5pm on Friday, December 16. Don’t miss your chance to take a sneak peek!

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What can parents do to protect their children online?

One of the worst things a parent can do is ban their kids from playing a video game after learning of a disturbing online incident, says cybersecurity coach Trent Ray.

“If you ban them, they won’t develop the skills to help them in the future,” Mr Ray, founder of the Cyber ​​Safety Project, told The New Daily.

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