Does Steam refund stolen items?

Christmas has been and gone and we are currently in that lul between Christmas and New Year. Nobody knows quite what day it is or what they should be doing with themselves, full of too much food with the house a mess with new gifts and nowhere for them to live.

I’m currently tucked up in bed with a fever and throat infection of some sort. The bonus of this means I won’t be able to pig out on all the goodies we have and hopefully won’t pile on 100lbs 🤣

Falsely Banned from Lost Ark on Steam Despite Inactivity

We’ve noticed that in recent days, there’s been an uproar regarding bans from Lost Ark that happened en masse, even to players that didn’t log into the game for almost a year. While Lost Ark officials claim that all fraudulent bans are removed by now, here’s where you can contact them for a review of your account:

Penalty Appeal Form on AmazonGames for Lost Ark



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Refunds for DLC Games

The same rule applies to DLC as well. It must be applied for return within 14 days of purchase and the gaming time shouldn’t exceed 2 hours. Also, keep in mind that the DLC is not consumed, tampered, transferred or marked as non-refundable. A useful rule of thumb is to always check whether DLC content is non-refundable. Here are the other types of purchases that fall under the different categories:

  • Pre-purchase games (Before the game’s release date)

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