How to download Roblox for Windows & Linux?

Installing Roblox is a very simple process, in this article we will show you how to download Roblox for PC (Windows & Linux), mobile devices (Android & Iphone) and also we will show you how to download Roblox for Xbox One.

We will show you step by step how to install Roblox on any device so you won’t have errors when playing it. If you do it according to this tutorial you will be playing Roblox in less than five minutes.

Steps to install Roblox on your computer (Windows)

1-Register for free in Roblox: The first thing to do is to register for free in the Roblox website. Just enter your date of birth, username, password and gender and for your convenience the following button will direct you to the official Roblox website:

roblog how to sign up

Please note that the username after you choose it you will not be able to change it again unless you spend Robux, i.e. the in-game currency. If you have no idea what username to choose, here we have an article with automatic name generators.

Another important fact is that if you are over 18 years old you will be able to use the Roblox voice chat.

2- Choose a game to play in Roblox: After the previous step you will see a screen with several games and you must choose the one you like the most and click on it, under the name of each game you will see a hand with a thumbs up and a person.

The hand indicates the score of the game from 1 to 100, with one being the lowest score and 100 being the highest. This will indicate whether the game is good or bad for the community, and the second icon shows how many people are currently playing the game.

3- Click “play” to start playing the game: When the page of the game you have chosen loads you will see a green rectangular button. Right there you must click it to start downloading the game.

4-Click the “Download and install Roblox” button: After the previous step you will see an image with a button that says “Download and install Roblox”. Click on download and when you do it Roblox will show you information about what you have to do. The main thing to do is to click on the “Save file” button.

The download will start automatically and it will take a few seconds to download to your downloads folder.

5- Install Roblox: Then you go to the download folder of your computer and there you will find the file you downloaded and you will have to execute it called “RobloxPlayerLauncher“. Double click on it and then click on “Run”. Now simply wait for the Roblox installation process to complete on your computer.

That’s it, you can now play any Roblox game without the need to install anything.

Download Roblox free for Android

Follow the steps below to install Roblox Free on Roblox:

1- Follow the following button that will direct you to download the game on Android, which you must click on install:

how to download roblox on android

2- After you press the green button called install, wait for the download to complete and then click open, when the download is finished you will have the Roblox application on your mobile device.

3- Now you only have to register and then log in. Remember to choose a correct user name for your Roblox avatar.

Download Roblox free for iPhone

1- Follow the next button to download it from the App Store:

download roblox iphone

2-Click on the “Get” button to download Roblox on your Iphone device.

3- When the download is finished, check on your desktop that the game is there and start enjoying it.

4-Register or log in Roblox and enjoy your game.

Download Roblox free for Xbox One

1-Enter the Xbox One store and search for Roblox.
2-Select Roblox when you see the game cover.
3-When you enter, click on free download.
4-At the end of the download, Roblox will be in your catalog.
5-Now all that’s left to do is sign in to your account to enjoy your favorites.

Download Roblox for Linux

There is no direct way to install Roblox on Linux, since the official Roblox site does not provide a specific version of the game for Linux. However we will show you how to install Roblox on Linux with a series of tricks.

Methods to Play Roblox from Linux:

First Method:

Download Roblox for Linux using an emulator: You can install an emulator or virtual machine on your Linux computer which allows you to emulate the Windows operating system inside Linux. With a virtual machine you can download and install Windows programs on any version of Linux.

One of the most popular Linux virtual machines is Virtual Box and you can download it in the following button for free from its official site:

Second method:

Play Roblox online from Linux: You don’t have to download Roblox on your computer to enjoy the game.You can play it online from the official Roblox site at the following button:

Third method:

Download Roblox with Wine: Wine is a program for Linux devices that allows you to install any Windows program on Linux. To get Wine you must download it from Linux itself.

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