Far Cry 6 Tricks

Tricks for Far Cry 6

The sixth installment of the Far Cry series arrived on almost every current console on October 7, 2021, continuing the story of one of the world’s first-person shooter (FPS) video game franchises.

In this new game, we will move to Yara, a fictional island located in the Caribbean that is under a fascist regime. The main player will join the guerrilla to overthrow Antón Castillo. The entire political environment in the game is strongly inspired by the government of Fulgencio Batista and the revolutionary faction led by Fidel Castro in reality.

How to get the best weapons Far Cry 6

Here we will tell you how to get the 5 best weapons in all of Far Cry 6.

We start with a weapon with a unique name, “Vaya con Dios,” which is a three-star rifle that we can obtain inside the Gabriel Castillo Airport control tower in La Joya, specifically in the El Este region.

“Little” is a four-star hand-made weapon that we will get at level 8 when we can buy it with depleted uranium from Juan and his traffickers.

Another of the best weapons is the well-known “Supercargador,” a three-star shotgun that we can get in the Madrugada region, northwest of the Aguas Lindas area, specifically in the FND base of the GDP oil platform.

If our style leans more towards rudimentary weapons, we have the “Crossbow” to meet our expectations, which we can obtain as a reward from the FND material hideouts or also in bandit operations.

Finally, we have the “Wand,” which is probably the best weapon in the entire game and which we can get after completing the “Blessings of the Triad” secondary mission as a reward.

Where to find all the cannons Far Cry 6

In the entire Far Cry 6 map, we will find a total of 26 cannons that will be useful in our adventure to overthrow tyranny.

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Below, as a list, we will tell you the location of each of these.

It should be noted that since the map is divided into regions, we will also mention the cannons by region.

Sanctuary Island: There is only 1 cannon, and it is located in the Iota Anti-Aircraft Defenses. Esperanza: There is only 1 cannon, and it is located in the main Anti-Aircraft Defenses of the Castle. Madrugada: There are a total of 7 cannons located in Gamma, Ni, Omicron, Pi, Eta, Tau, and Phi Anti-Aircraft Defenses. El Este: In this region, we will find a total of 8 cannons located in Theta, Psi, Sampi, Zeta, Ro, Gi, Lambda, and Xi Anti-Aircraft Defenses. Valle de Oro: Here is the largest concentration of cannons, with 9 of these and located in Epsilon, Beta, Alpha, Kappa, Ipsilon, Mi, Omega, Sigma, and Delta Anti-Aircraft Defenses.

Treasure hunt missions Far Cry 6

Treasure hunt missions abound in Far Cry 6, where we are tasked with finding something specific.

Below, we’ll talk a little bit about the two most interesting missions in this category.

Emerald Skull Far Cry 6

When we start this mission, we’ll go to the indicated location, where we’ll see a stone face, torches, and a corpse leading to a cave.

As soon as we enter, we’ll be attacked by a jaguar, so we’ll take care of it.

Using grappling points, we’ll climb up and reach a pedestal where there will be a note, which we’ll read and continue to the left.

We’ll head towards the water, right after picking up another corpse on the way out of the cave slope. Now outside, we’ll be sent to another location, where we’ll look for an entrance to a cave.

When we enter, we’ll interact with a statue, which will move and give us a path to continue to the main room.

We’ll be attacked by some crocodiles, so take care of them.

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We’ll climb up the stairs, and when we reach the top, we’ll take a right turn, where we’ll find a door. We’ll go through it, and there will be a puzzle in the next room.

Once we solve the puzzle, the door will open, and we’ll enter another chamber. Here we’ll find a skull, and we’ll have completed the mission.

This mission is one of the most exciting and enjoyable treasure hunts in the game, and the reward is worth it.

Find roosters in Far Cry 6

Do you want to know about all the roosters in Far Cry 6? Great! I’ll explain everything to you. There are a total of 19 roosters, but you can only collect 13 in the game. The other 6 roosters are special rewards that you can obtain by linking your account with Ubisoft Connect.

Now, let’s talk about where you can find the 13 roosters. In Esperanza, there is only one called The White Beast. You can find its crate in a house located in the Mud House Residences, specifically in the kitchen.

In Valle de Oro, you will find 4 roosters:

Papacito: you can find its crate under a thatched roof tent in Lagos Diamante. The Phoenix: its crate is inside a restricted area west of Punto de la Muerte. The Peak: its crate is behind a blue house south of the Yara Botanical Gardens. The Black Death: you will find its crate in the fenced sector of a farm in Segunda.

In Madrugada, there are also 4 roosters:

Acero: its crate is located on the outskirts northeast of Verdera, near some houses. El Rato: you will find it in the cockfighting ring at the Montero estate. The Eagle: its crate is west of the Cortina River in Costa del Mar, on one of the mountain peaks. El Dorado: you can obtain it while playing the mission “Gordito’s Spurs.”

Finally, in El Este, you will find the last 4 roosters:

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Hermoso: you will find its crate in an exterior corral of a house west of Campo Savannah. The Egg: it is inside the top floor of the office building of a restricted location called PDP Local Offices in La Joya. The Silver Bullet: its crate is in a wooden trailer located at the Alvarez Estate. The Magnificent Rooster: you can obtain it during the mission “All to Lose.”

Do you want to get the other 6 roosters? You only need to link your Far Cry 6 account with Ubisoft, play online in FC6, go to “rewards” in Ubisoft Connect, and you can claim the free rooster packages.

Broken Heart Far Cry 6

This mission is also a treasure hunt, but it’s not as exciting as the Emerald Skull mission. We’ll be tasked with finding a necklace that has been broken into pieces.

We’ll start the mission by going to the indicated location, and there we’ll find a note that will lead us to the first piece of the necklace.

We’ll continue the search by following the notes, which will take us to different locations on the island. The search is relatively straightforward, and we won’t encounter any enemies along the way.

Once we’ve found all the pieces, we’ll have to take them to a jeweler, who will reassemble the necklace for us.

The reward for completing this mission is not as great as the Emerald Skull mission, but it’s still worth doing.

Far Cry 6 is an excellent game that offers hours of entertainment, and there’s plenty to do on the island of Yara. Whether you’re completing main story missions, side missions, or treasure hunts, the game is full of content.

If you’re looking for the best weapons, the locations of all the cannons, or want to know how to complete specific missions, this guide has you covered. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to tackle anything Far Cry 6 throws your way.

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