God of War Ragnarok: Tips and Tricks

God of War Ragnarok: Tips and Tricks to Make the Most Out of Your Adventure

God of War Ragnarok is a massive game filled with options, things to do, and awesome items to get. While it’s easy to get lost in this game, you will want to be smart about some of the decisions that will take you along the way. In this article, we’re going to talk about some tips and tricks to help you avoid the biggest mistakes that might hold you back and make the most out of your adventure.

  1. Swap the action and the Dodge buttons in the settings menu

One of the first things you should do right away is to swap the action and the Dodge buttons in the settings menu. This is something that we also did back in 2018, and if you’re used to the way how most games out there have the Dodge button dedicated to the circle, then this will make the most amount of sense. Also, since the action button is the one you get to now use in the new traversal mechanic, having that on X instead makes it feel like you’re jumping with the proper button, like in most games out there. By the way, we also suggest setting the Sprint to auto-Run so Kratos now actually runs when moving the thumbstick as opposed to having to press it down every single time.

  1. Don’t just rush the main objective yet, also do some of the side content

Don’t just rush the main objective yet, also do some of the side content, especially since you would otherwise be losing out on so much gear upgrades and cool side stories that you won’t be able to come back to until many hours later at the end of the next chapter. Instead of always following the orange marker, also pay attention to the blue and even gray ones on your map. Without spoiling anything, here are a few in starting 15 hours that you should keep in mind early on:

  • Nidavalier: take the path on the right side instead of the left side and head over to the massive sources of smoke that you see in the background. These are an excellent source of loot, enemies, a hidden new favor that involves upgrading your weapons, and even crafting some really awesome starting armor. So it is definitely worth it if you otherwise follow the main main objective here. You would not be able to come back until you pretty much finished the entire story up until that point in this specific realm, which could take at least a couple of hours.
  • Alfheim: at the end of the chapter, you’ll be given in the selection between going back through a portal or remaining in this realm. As always, we suggest lingering for longer as there are at least a couple of side quests here with autonomous loot and some of the best early gear that you will want to get.
  1. Pay close attention to Elemental damage

Elemental damage is now even more important than in the previous game with the new signature triangle attacks. It’s easier to also apply them against enemies, and there are bills in there that definitely encourage you switch between different Elementals to buff your next Elemental. In this case, Leviathan has the Frost Awaken which imbues your next attack with a guaranteed Frost damage, meanwhile, the blades have the Whiplash where repeatedly tapping triangle will imbue your attacks with fire damage. Many early and especially late game foes will have these fire or Frost protections on their health bars that you have to pretty much use the opposite effect in order to take them down and deal damage to their real HP bars. Pay close attention to them and eventually, you might even want to unlock these powerful light and heavy follow-ups in the technique line of each weapon to immediately unleash the elemental damage on multiple targets around you.

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It’s important to manage your resources carefully. This includes your hacksilver, enchantments, and artifacts. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary purchases or upgrades. Make sure to save up for the important ones that will make a significant difference in your gameplay. Enchantments and artifacts can be swapped out depending on the situation, so make sure to experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

All about exploration. Don’t just focus on completing the main objectives. Take the time to explore each realm thoroughly, as there are many hidden areas, secret encounters, and puzzles that will reward you with valuable items and gear. Pay attention to the environment and use your skills and abilities to uncover these hidden treasures.

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. The game offers a variety of difficulty levels, and while it may be tempting to choose the easiest option, you’ll miss out on the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with overcoming a tough challenge. Push yourself to try the harder difficulties, and don’t give up if you fail the first time. Keep practicing and learning from your mistakes, and you’ll become a better player for it.

Taking advantage of your companions. Atreus is a valuable asset in combat, and his abilities can be upgraded to make him even more effective. Make sure to use him strategically, and don’t forget to upgrade his skills as you progress through the game. Additionally, Kratos’ shield can also be upgraded to provide additional benefits, such as a more powerful counterattack or increased defense.

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