Hogwarts Legacy -Tips you need to know

Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you like to play video games? If the answer is yes, then you might want to try Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming action role-playing game that takes place in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But before you start your journey, there are some pro tips that you need to know. In this article, we will provide you with some insider information on how to maximize your gameplay experience.

The first tip is to get the hopping pot recipe as soon as possible. You can place up to three of these in the room of requirement, and they will give you a free random potion every 12 minutes. This can be incredibly helpful in combat situations, and if you collect from them frequently, you can quickly and easily max out all of your potion stacks.

Another useful trick is to re-roll the item in any chest. You can do this by saving before you open the chest, and if you don’t get an item that you like, you just reload the save and open it again. This is an absolutely fantastic strategy for farming specific traits to put on your gear or just farming all of the tier 3 traits.

Farming gear, money, and ingredients from monsters and enemies on the map is also possible. You will find enemies out in the wild just in random locations that aren’t marked on the map. If you fight these enemies and kill them all, you need to save the game and reload it, and those enemies will immediately respawn, allowing you to fight them again. This is super handy for farming ingredients for some specific potions, effectively allowing you to farm infinite amounts of whatever ingredient you need.

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Collecting resources from your beasts can be relatively time-consuming. However, you can speed this up relatively quickly by canceling the caring animations. For example, if you need to brush one of your little beasties, you can activate the brush and then summon them. When you summon them, it cancels the animation, and then you can immediately go into feeding them, allowing you to quickly collect the resources from them.

There are also random quests that pop up all over the map, depending on what stage you are in the game. These quests aren’t always super visible and don’t show up in your quest tracker until you go talk to the person and get them. You can help to spot these quests by zooming in on all locations, or by using your reveal spell while flying. If you are flying near one of them and you use your reveal spell, it shows all of the map icons on the screen in front of you while you are flying.

When you start to mess with the different traits that you can put on your gear, you may think that specking into a trait that ups the damage on something specific will cause it to do more damage than one of the traits that just ups the damage on everything of that class specifically. However, the ones that have to do with plants, such as the herbology trait, actually cause all of your plants to deal more damage than if you were to spec into a specific plant trait.

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Finally, Petrificus Totalis is an extremely strong ability that is often overlooked. Many people think that this is only useful for stealth gameplay, and while an enemy and all enemies around you have to be unaware of your presence in order for you to use this ability, it is relatively easy to make enemies unaware of you in combat. Starting with the invisibility potion, you can use this in the middle of combat and walk up to a group of enemies and use Petrificus Totalis. If you have the Petrificus Totalus Mastery, it can easily eliminate the entire group of enemies that is around you.

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