Hollow Knight Guide: Bosses, Map, Amulets and More

Hollow Knight Guide

Hollow Knight, developed and published by Team Cherry, is one of the most popular nonlinear platform games with action and adventure elements, also known as a metroidvania game. Initially released for Microsoft Windows in February 2017, it was later released for other operating systems in April of the same year. The game was also released for Nintendo Switch on June 12, 2018, and for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 25, 2018.

The game’s story follows the Knight, who aims to uncover all the secrets and mysteries of the kingdom of Hallownest. This storyline has attracted many players, and a sequel is currently in development.

Hollow Knight Bosses

If you enjoy challenges and facing stronger enemies that may make you sweat, then Hollow Knight is the game you need. The bosses hidden in the corners of Hollow Knight will undoubtedly satisfy your adrenaline cravings. Some bosses are in specific areas, and you may have to do something to face them, but all of them, despite having different appearances, can pose a challenge to the Knight.

One such boss is Zote, an insect that looks a lot like our protagonist but with a face that reveals his bitterness. From the beginning, Zote tries to proclaim himself as superior to the Knight, constantly insisting on his superiority. This makes him quite charming and funny, as he is clumsy but never gives up and always tries to show himself as the best.

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To save this “superior” creature’s skin, we will have to defeat him in the first trial at the Colosseum of Fools. For a more frenetic battle, we must go to Bretta’s house’s trapdoor and strike Zote’s statue with the help of our Dream Nail.

Hollow Knight Map and Locations

Hollow Knight has a vast, almost labyrinthine map that includes various twists, turns, ups, and downs that you must navigate to progress correctly. If you are not yet familiar with all the locations on the Hollow Knight map, do not worry. We have listed them alphabetically below:

  • Howling Cliffs: Located at the beginning of the map.
  • Royal Waterways: Located slightly southeast of the map.
  • Fog Canyon: Located to the west.
  • City of Tears: Located at the center of the map.
  • Crystal Peak: Located in the northeast.
  • Forgotten Crossroads: Located in the north.
  • Queen’s Gardens: Located to the west of the map, northeast of Deepnest.
  • Kingdom’s Edge: Located at the southeastern tip of the map.
  • Deepnest: Located in the lower-left corner.
  • Fungal Wastes: Located relatively at the center of the map.
  • King’s Pass: Located at the beginning of the map after the Howling Cliffs.

Hollow Knight Amulets

In the game’s universe, amulets are essential objects that improve the Knight’s abilities by providing different advantages. To use them, you must have notches, and you can change amulets only when you are seated.

Hollow Knight Items

In Hollow Knight, you can find a variety of objects, including amulets that we mentioned above, that can be useful at some point in the game. Collecting all items may not be necessary, but it is better to have a few extras rather than to miss a specific item and have to travel to the other end of the map to find it.

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Pale Ore

Pale Ore, which can be found almost anywhere in Hallownest, can improve your Nail if you give it to the Nailsmith and pay a moderate amount of Geo.

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