How can I get Robux without a gift card?

If you are already trying to free many Robux generator tools and hack apps, you are claiming that you will get unlimited Robux for free and in the end, you are left with No Robux. So there is hope for you that you will see here real ways to earn Robux and we wrote the unlimited title means it is up to you how long you can use the below mention methods and how much capacity you have to do the easy task repeatedly.

On our website, we only share legitimate information which is safe for your device and does not contain any hack, scam or virus, so you can try this method without worry. We always ask our users not to enter their personal details on any random website, if anyone requests login details for Roblox account, please stay away from that website or app. The website and app mentioned on this page are 100% safe and reliable.

How do I get Robux for free?

Roblox isn’t just giving out free Robux unfortunately! That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get your hands on Robux for free!

You just have to make a little effort, but don’t worry, it’s still fun!

Use group funds (PC and mobile) to donate Robux

Group fund transfer is another way to “donate” funds to other players. It also works on the Roblox mobile app. However, a group with funds already in the account is required to take advantage of this method.

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To use group funds to donate Robux to another player, you must have a group and it must have funds available to donate.

Method 3: Create a group (PC and mobile)

Creating a group is the only way to give Robux to your friends via mobile. You can transfer group funds to donate Robux to your friends in the same group. If you already have a group, skip to step 4.

  1. Start by creating a group. Click the menu icon and select Groups from the list of options.
  2. Now click on Create group and enter the necessary information.
  3. You will be asked to pay 100 Robux to create a group. Pay the amount to proceed further.
  4. Ask your friends to join the group.
  5. Now you need to add group funds. To do this, you need to create a Game Pass. Click the Create button in the top horizontal bar.
  6. Now go to the Group Creations tab.
  7. From the menu on the left, select the group you want to add funds to and click Create new experience.
  8. Please select a game to proceed.
  9. Once the game is created, click on the gear icon on the right and select Create pass.
  10. Fill in the required fields and click on Preview.
  11. Now click the Verify Upload button.
  12. Scroll down, click the gear icon of the newly created Game Pass and click Configure.
  13. Select Sales from the vertical menu on the left and activate the “Item for sale” toggle.
  14. Set the price of the item and click Save. If others purchase the item, the Robux will be transferred to the group’s funds. This fund can be distributed to group members.
  15. While in the group, click the three dots icon in the top right and select Configure group.
  16. Go to Revenue >> Payments >> One-Time Payments >> Add Payment Recipients.
  17. In the username field, enter the name of the recipient/friend you want to gift Robux to. The recipient must be in the group to receive Robux.
  18. Enter the amount of Robux you wish to pay and click Distribute. The Robux will be transferred to the recipient’s account immediately without waiting.
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So how do you get these Robux? And is it possible to get free Robux or Roblox gift cards?

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