How can I kiss my crush in school?

You have lips, I have lips. I may want to kiss you, but let’s use our lips to talk about it first. At consent training workshops, we discover how common it is for people to feel uncomfortable practicing consent in their lives. Consent is a muscle and like any other, it takes practice to work.

A big challenge people face when they start asking for consent is finding the balance between giving the other person room to say no, while still maintaining the sensuality of the situation.


Question by Marlee

I’m 13 and I haven’t kissed anyone yet. I’m scared.

No matter what your friends tell you, there’s no need to kiss anyone until you feel a connection strong enough to force you to place your lips over someone else’s lips. This is an extremely personal encounter. I sure wasn’t ready to do that at 13. Some people don’t kiss until after college.

Do you think your crush likes you too

Do you think your dream is telling you that he has a crush on you too? If so, you should give him some hint that you are interested in him. Maybe he flirts a little more than usual or tell him a story you’ve never told anyone. Do something to build a bond.

If you think your crush is the only one for you, you might want to take some steps to let him know that you only have eyes for him. You could suggest that you are available.

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. . .

I hope these questions to ask your crush help you break enough ice to start a good connection! The purpose of these questions is not only to share and get to know each other better, but also to build a positive foundation for your relationship, whether it’s a friendly one or something that blossoms even further.

It might also spark a good laugh between the two of you, which is a plus since laughter triggers that positive emotional connection between people. Also, always keep an open mind and be friendly and easy going. After all, this isn’t a job interview!

If your crush initiated the kiss in the dream

If your crush initiated the kiss – this is significant. It could mean that you are detecting an atmosphere that suggests an interest or attraction.

Nothing in the universe is truly random. There’s a reason for everything. You didn’t just dream about that person who suddenly grabs you and passionately plants one on your lips.

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