How can I stop someone from playing Free Fire?

How do I block the Free Fire app?

There is no single answer to this question, as the best way to block the Free Fire app depends on your device and operating system. However, some tips on how to block the Free Fire app include looking for parental control software that may be installed on your device, setting app download restrictions in your device settings, or using a third-party app blocker set off.


Is Free Fire safe for children?

  • While not gory, the violence in Free Fire is realistic. There is blood and players moan in pain before falling to their deaths.
  • Free Fire players can chat directly with strangers who may use inappropriate language or be potential sexual predators or data thieves.
  • Free Fire blocks suspicious accounts, but the app remains exposed to hackers who ruin games and can steal personal information. In fact, in the first few weeks of 2021, Free Fire banned over 2.9 million accounts for some form of hacking or cheating.
  • From the very beginning, Free Fire encourages players to purchase virtual currency, buy weapons and costumes, and play games of chance. Via continuous ads or bundled as missions, the pressure to make in-app purchases is very heavy on Free Fire.
  • Free Fire sexualizes characters, some female characters wear revealing clothing.
  • Excessive playing of Free Fire, like any screen activity that requires intense concentration, causes eye strain. (According to our analysis at the end of February 2021, the average child between the ages of 4 and 15 plays an average of 74 minutes a day on Free Fire!)
  • Free Fire has no control native parental.
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Another reason is that you may be a cheater. So, if you are a cheater, or have ever tried to cheat moments ago, there is a risk that Garena will ban your account. This way you will no longer be able to play. So make sure you don’t cheat if you want to keep playing longer.

As you may know, there are many other games with totally new and different experience. That is why it is important that you discover these games. And if you can find one, there is a chance you will stop playing this game.

How to stop Free Fire game on mobile on CHPlay Store

  • Open Play Store and go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and locate User Controls > Parental Controls > Turn it on.
  • Next, create a PIN to change the settings for parental controls.
  • Confirm the selected PIN and click on the OK button.
  • Go to Set content restrictions and choose Apps and games.
  • Check Age-rated, including Rated for 12+ to prevent your kids from downloading Free Fire on Google Play Store.
  • Click the OK button to confirm the setting and tap Save.
  • Open the Screen Time setting.
  • Scroll down and find the Screen Time option for your family.
  • Tap Add child if your children have already had App ID. If they don’t have an Apple ID, choose to create an Apple ID for a child.
  • Set the limited time for kids to use this game app.

How to unfriend in Free Fire MAX?

Step 1: Click on the friend icon

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Step 2: In the Game Friends tab, click on the player you want to remove Step 3: Click on Delete friend

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