How do I delete my child’s TikTok?

To change your phone number on TikTok, simply go to Settings > Manage My Account > Phone Number > Edit > Enter Current Number > Verify > Enter New Number > Verify. Dec 6, 2021

To delete your account :Tap Profile in the bottom right.Tap the 3 line icon in the top right.Tap Manage Account > Delete Account.Follow the in-app instructions to delete your account.

5+ Reasons TikTok Delete Account

TikTok is basically a social media platform where there will be a large audience. Everything you post on TikTok will be seen by people all over the world. So, if videos/contents don’t match TikTok’s criteria, you can lose your account permanently.

Apart from this, there are also various reasons “Why TikTok deleted your account”. Now, I’ve listed some of the best possible problems and how to fix them properly so they don’t hurt your other account in the future.

Data collection and location tracking issues. According to Bloomberg, once you download TikTok, it can track your browsing history and location, capture your keystrokes as you type, and access photos, videos and contact lists on your phone. It’s important to note that by adjusting your phone’s privacy settings, you may be able to prevent some of this data from being collected, but it would be hard to know if sensitive information has already been collected. Imagine this… within a day or two of having TikTok on your phone, TikTok could potentially have data such as personal information about the sites you like to visit on the web, photos of you and your friends, knowledge of where you go every day, and moreover.

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TikTok has been banned in other countries. India has already banned TikTok. The Washington Post reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said a ban could also be a possibility in the United States. You could be ahead of the curve and delete TikTok before it becomes necessary.

About TikTok

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 2.6 billion downloads and over 80 million monthly active users in the United States alone.

So why is TikTok so successful? The answer is simple. The app lets you create, share, and watch short, fun videos on any topic.

Why did TikTok delete people’s accounts?

How can I delete my kids’ TikTok account without password?

It is not possible to delete a TikTok account without the password. If you forget your password, you will need to contact TikTok support to have it reset.

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