How do I escape the warden?

Running away from the Keeper isn’t too difficult; after all, he is blind. That said, don’t try to outrun him, as he runs faster than the player. But you can use some tricks to escape the Warden in Minecraft.

  • Use snowballs and arrows. When you throw a snowball or shoot an arrow away from you, the Warden will move towards where he lands, giving you precious time to escape.
  • Drink a potion of haste and use the Quick Stealth spell. If you’ve found Swift Sneak’s enchanted book, you should be able to escape the Keeper easily. Add to that a potion of haste and you will be able to overcome it.
  • Kill him. After all, the best defense is a good offense. But keep in mind that the Keeper will only drop 3 experience orbs. And the next one will spawn once a Sculk Shrieker is activated.

How to kill guardians in Minecraft

Now that you know where to find guardians, you’ll need to know how to kill them when exploring the deep darkness. This is where it gets tricky because you wouldn’t want to attempt to kill a Warden, let alone a Grand Warden. The reason is that Guardians are the strongest mobs in the game. Guardians are taller than iron golems and can kill you in two hits if you’re wearing full netherite armor. Guardians have been reported to get faster when you attack them, so the best tactic with Guardians is to avoid them and run away.

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Once you get more comfortable with dodging and running away from Wardens, the best way to kill a Grand Warden is to lure them into an area that has been rigged with explosives and detonate them with it at internal. While it’s too early to tell whether this will kill him or just make him angrier, it’s a good approach to killing a Grand Warden.

Try using carpets or wool blocks

Players who want to quickly escape the guardian without being detected or making any sound can use blocks of wool and carpets create paths away from the guardian. Blocks and wool carpets can be walked on or walked over without producing sound vibrations. Also, wool blocks do not emit sound vibrations or pass any vibrations through them, making them the perfect blocks for this method.

You can create a wall made of wool blocks between you and the guardian or put them on the ground and quickly run over them to escape as fast as possible without making any noise. However, if you want to be optimal with this method, the safest way is to create a proper path made of carpets or wool blocks even before the guardian spawns to allow safe passage at any time without risking life.

Avoid being noticed by Warden

I think this is the most important point in Warden’s countermeasures. As soon as Warden appears, check Warden’s location and keep a distance. When Warden appears, he will make a loud noise and get off the ground, so check the position directly or make a rough start with a sound.

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That’s all you need to know if you want to find the Keeper and fight him. Simply explore until you reach the Deep Dark, after which you have to run for a while until he emerges. As the Warden approaches, the surrounding candles and other lights will begin to flash, alerting you to his presence.

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