How do I fight the warden?

Crouch while moving in Deep Darkness if you wish to escape the Warden. You can move without awakening adjacent Sculk Shriekers when sneaking as no vibrations are sent via the Sculk. Sculk Sensors, however, which are tiny traps scattered throughout the Underdark, are still to be avoided. These sensors will emit signals if you walk on them, which will alert the Guardian.

Locating a keeper

Image via Mojang

Guardians are only found at extremely low altitudes in the new Deep Dark biome. The one we were shown in the preview was pictured next to a new type of underground structure, suggesting that the mob is tied to structure generation, just like the Piglin Brute, and won’t respawn after being defeated.

Hints and items

To defeat the Guardian, you will need the best equipment. Not only that, you’ll also have to think about objects.

Enchanted apples are great for recovering health. The Warden’s attacks range from six hearts of damage on easy up to 15 on hard. In short, you absolutely do not want to be hit. Sure, you could use a Netherite sword and hack the Warden until he drops, but chances are he’ll drop you before you drop it.

Guardian Stats

The Guardian has more health than any Mob and Boss in the game. Compared to Ender Dragon (200 health) and Wither (300 health), he has their combined health, at 500 health.

For reference, a normal Iron Sword only deals 6 damage. You would have to hit the Warden more than 80 times to kill him with just an Iron Sword.

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Sonic Shriek

This is one of the most annoying and terrifying skills to deal with. Though his main source of damage is his punches, he can use a Sonic Shriek which has a long range and deals the same amount of damage as his hand-to-hand combat. However, if you get hit, you will be knocked back 5 blocks, so you may take more damage if you fall from a high point.

But that’s not all. This attack also goes through all kinds of blocks – yes, it goes through Bedrock too. Even if you build some blocks or hide behind some, you will get hit if The Warden focuses this attack on you. However, what is interesting is that this attack only affects one mob at a time. So if you’re with a friend, only one of you will take the damage while the other can still attack him.

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