How do I get a refund in Free Fire?

A new tab will open and there you will find the drop down options. You must select an option between “Bought by mistake” and “Bought but not received”.

Next, click the Submit button to submit your request to Google. You will receive your refund within 24 hours.

Will your ID be suspended after using the incubator glitch?

No, because you don’t need third-party help to get them. This is an error of the Free Fire event handling development team. Therefore, they are currently working to remove those rewards claimed in an unauthorized way.

Garena Free Fire also said that all rewards and incubator tokens will be refunded to your Free Fire account that requested the incubator package between 4am and 11am. This means that all players will receive their refund, except those players who genuinely received the packs.

Disadvantages of the restriction of the negative diamond in free fire

If you have a restriction in your account of free fire, then how to remove the restriction notice of the negative diamond in free fire?, it is important know, but is It important to know first that what are the disadvantages after the restriction in free fire?

Suppose you have a restriction of 291 free fire diamonds in your free fire account. This means that you will not be able to play free fire games until you top up 291 Free Fire Diamonds into your account at How to remove negative diamond restriction warning in Free Fire?

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Free Fire MAX Melting Vault Event

Garena continues to introduce unique events to the community. Melting Vault is one of the main events in the ongoing Winterlands Subzero campaign. Meanwhile, the event will run until January 3, 2022. Therefore, players will have plenty of time to acquire those rewards. The event suffered a setback as players faced constant issues when exchanging items. Finally, Garena fine-tuned the event and also released a statement about the same.

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Refund request from Garena support:

As per Free Fire policies, purchases made in Free Fire are non-refundable. However, players can request a refund for one time. But players cannot use the diamonds purchased from their accounts. If Free Fire approves your refund request, it will deduct the purchased diamonds from your account.

Also, if a user requests a refund after using the purchased diamonds, Garena will limit the user’s account. Players must make the same purchase to release the account from the restriction. Additionally, players can contact Free Fire customer support directly in-game. Players can submit a request in Free Fire from the customer service option in the game. Complete the procedure and you can get your money back.

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