How do most debit cards get hacked?

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Use a separate debit or credit card for online purchases

This is especially helpful when using a credit card but can be done with a debit card too. Using a designated card for all online purchases helps to limit fraud reaching across all of your accounts. If you prefer to build points on one card only, this may seem like an inconvenience. Here are some other pros and cons to consider about this fraud-prevention tip.

  • You will have to keep up with payments on more than one credit card.
  • You can protect your main bank account and any connected accounts.
  • If you buy from less secure websites, you can enjoy your purchases with a little less worry. (We suggest not doing this, though.)
  • See if your financial institution uses a card management system. (We use CardValet from Fiserv.)

Consumer Protection for Debit Card Transactions

Consumers who use debit cards are protected by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA).

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This law lays out the responsibilities of the consumer as follows:

They Create a Workflow

The logistics must be worked out carefully. To print the cards, the counterfeiters need equipment, which costs about $100. The people who buy and sell card numbers must figure out how the numbers are constructed: High-quality numbers that don’t yet look suspicious to financial institutions fetch a better price ($135 each, compared with $20 for a block of lousy numbers). The recruiters have to have contacts in the right places (a lot of cyber fraud originates in Eastern Europe, for example). Finally, buyers need to feel confident looking at a cashier in the eye. They must be trained in what can go wrong and how to react.

What To Do if You Are a Victim of Debit Card Fraud?

If you notice unauthorized charges on your debit card, you may be a victim of debit card fraud! The best action is to contact your bank or credit union immediately. The amount of time it takes for you to report fraudulent activity determines how much money you are responsible for paying.

If your card is lost, you can try freezing your debit card. A freeze temporarily disables your ability to make transactions using the card. Unfortunately, freezing your card won’t stop pending transactions. If a fraudster found your card and used it before you were able to initiate a freeze, the payment will still go through.

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