How do you say kill in Free Fire?

NEW DELHI — When 14-year-old Roshan Ali’s family gifted him a mobile phone to help him with his online lessons, little did they know the device would become the cause of his death.

After a frantic search lasting eight days, a team of divers fished Ali’s body from the Gandhak River in the Gopalganj area of ​​the eastern Indian state of Bihar on 9 February.


Quel est le plus grand nombre de morts in Free Fire?

Currently, the world record for the most deaths recorded in Free Fire is 49. The world record for your biggest name in a class match is 27. record pour le plus big name of kills in a class match of Squad est de 42. Ce sont les plus hauts record de tués dans le jeu jusqu’à présent.

The deadliest free fire weapon for Easy Kill 2020

Probably the most dangerous free fire weapon around in the AR type. Good damage, low recoil and high RoF made Groza the best AR. But the thing is, Groza didn’t exist in most normal cases like looting. You can only get Groza from the airdrop, which has made only a few people in the game able to own it.

Oil Barrel

The oil barrel in Free Fire is generated entirely on the Free Fire Map. If you are nearby, then we should warn you to go as far away as possible. If you’re planning on taking cover behind it, then you need to be prepared to head back into your lobby. The oil barrels in Free Fire are dangerous and will explode when hit. Similar to petrol cans in PUBG Mobile, they are available all over the map. You just need to make sure that the enemy is close then you should hit the barrel to knock out the enemy. Also, some of these barrel lookalikes are used as Wukong’s camouflage ability where you can find yourself under this barrel. You can surprise your enemy, transforming into a barrel ready to strike the enemy when the time comes.

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Grenades are the most useful items in the game for killing enemies. There are other throwable items in the game such as flashbang grenades to completely block the view of the enemy which gives you the advantage to take them down. Grenades are used to knock down the enemy and cause damage to many enemies within its range. Can kill many enemies when used correctly. Needless to say the use of grenade launchers seen as too powerful in many tournaments. Using grenades requires skill but can be very useful for killing.

Take cover

Well protected with better chances of survival.

Since Free Fire is a battle royale survival shooter, you greatly increase your chances of being the last player standing when you make an effort to take cover. Whether you’re playing the game’s classic mode or team battle mode (more on that later), knowing where to take cover will keep you alive longer. It’s one thing to know how to aim and shoot in an open space, but doing it behind a safe spot can increase your chances of a successful kill.

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