How long is Lost Island ARK?

The popular survival game is played one last time, but before players say goodbye forever, a new update has been made available in the form of New Ark Map. Ark Lost Island: New Ark Map will be released in Fall 2021, we don’t have an exact release date for you at the moment, but we will update the page as soon as we have it.

Ark: Survival is an expansion game where players have to make sure they survive on a mysterious island. The latest DLC coming to the game will once again test their survival skills. Other releases besides a new map, include three new real-world creatures and one of them is the Amargasaurus. At this point what you need to know is that The Lost Island DLC will arrive later this year for free for all players.


How to download and play Ark: Lost Island DLC.

Ark: Lost Island is a free game that players can download. Once you reach the new expansion, go to your platforms and search for Arch: Lost Island. Once located, simply download and install an add-on to play: Survival Evolved.


Next, we have crystals, which are advanced resources as they help create advanced cooling elements. These cooling items include air conditioners and refrigerators. Air conditioners help survive in hotter climates while the refrigerator helps keep food for a long time.

The first batch of crystals can be found on the southeast coast. Here, travel to latitude 61.9 and longitude 61.2. You will find several crystal lumps.

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Is there a solution?

Fortunately, fans found a solution that allowed them to play the lost island map without any problems. All you have to do is download the new DLC map from the store and it will work normally. The map not working in the game could be due to the DLC itself not being installed properly, so try downloading and installing the DLC manually from the store page and the problem will be fixed.


Dinopithecus Anedmundius looks a bit like a mandrill monkey and as a result can climb walls. He can also throw his poop at you, which disables Tek armor. When appearing in larger groups, it usually displays aggressive behavior. These characteristics make him a notable and combative opponent.

Visually, Sinomacrops Bondei resembles a mix of a butterfly and a bat in the shape of a dinosaur, which makes it look very cute in a way. Most of the time it is a very docile companion, which players can even use as a “flying aid” if it sits on their shoulders. It also has the ability to charm enemies.

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