How many games can Steam Deck run?

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can affect whether or not Steam Deck can really deliver on its promise.

  • First, it depends on which game you’re playing. Some games are more demanding than others, and may not be able to reach the 60 fps mark even with the best hardware.
  • Second, your graphics settings can also affect performance. Most games should run smoothly enough on Medium or High settings to achieve 60 frames per second. Some games, on the other hand, may fall below 60 fps when played on Ultra settings.
  • Finally, if you’re connecting the device to an external display with a higher resolution, that can also affect performance. Driving a higher resolution display will be more demanding.

How does Steam Proton manage to run Windows games on Linux?

We suspect this would be complicated because Windows games require the use of the DirectX graphics API to perform for the most part. The problem is that Microsoft has yet to include Linux support in DirectX, which is the primary reason why most games are not available on the open-source platform.

When developing for Windows, developers use varying APIs, but Vulkan is the preferred option at this time.

Steam Deck – introducing Deck Verified

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Not every game in the Steam library has been tested by Valve yet, but after users log in the page will display a list of which of their games have been officially marked as:

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Steam Deck

I feel like, especially knowing our site, this was a pretty obvious one. But with the release of the Steam Deck, affordable mobile PC gaming became a reality. With Valve’s SteamOS, we found ways to customize any and all games to make them work in ways we couldn’t have expected.

Quite possibly one of the funniest games I have played this year, High on Life is a first-person shooter where you have to save your planet from becoming drugs. Filled to the brim with action, talking guns, and tons of the infamous humor of Justin Roiland, this game is a blast on the Steam Deck and well worth your time.

These are the different levels of Steam Deck compatibility of Steam games –

The games within the Steam library that are well optimized as well as fully functional are Deck Verified. Likewise, these are the games that Valve’s official testing indicates as fully functional as well as optimized for the handheld controls and the display.

These are the games that are playable on the handheld with some tweaking. Likewise, they are games that Valve’s testing indicates as functional. Thus, you may have to optimize the options as well as interact with the settings to ensure that these titles run without a hitch.

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