How many heroic levels are there in Free Fire?

Top 5 tips to reach Heroic or Grandmaster rank in Free Fire: Free Fire MAX is always known for its amazing levels which create a competitive atmosphere in the community. Thus, it is considered an achievement for players to reach higher ranks such as Heroic or Grandmaster. Meanwhile, players will be able to claim various rewards by finishing in Free Fire and its MAX version. In recent years, the number of active players has increased dramatically, amassing over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store while the original variant has over a billion downloads. For future updates on Free Fire, follow InsideSport on GOOGLE NEWS.

Top 5 tips to reach Heroic or Grandmaster rank in Free Fire, check the full list


Without a doubt, players of this game know that scaling the Free Fire rank is the primary focus. The game is not a single player story based game to complete the story or campaign.

It is a multiplayer battle royale game with a ranking system. Therefore, players have to fight against other players and collect victories to reach higher rank. Of course, some rewards are accessible after reaching a specific rank.

Game character

The power of the game characters is one of the elements that distinguishes Garena Free Fire from other battle royale games. All characters in the game have different levels of power and you should know them all before selecting or training them to participate in your battle.

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Choosing the appropriate combination of weapons is one of the most difficult problems any player faces. You can only carry two weapons and one pistol on the battlefield, so you have to select your weapon according to the game strategy or team composition.

Free Fire MAX Rank (Bronze To Grandmaster)

Here is the complete Free Fire Max rank list table along with rewards and rank points:

There are two modes ranked in Free Fire MAX ranked Battle Royale and ranked Clash Squad mode. It can be unlocked by reaching level 8 and level 12 respectively. By reaching that level, you can get the free level rewards.

RP points needed to reach heroic rank in free fire

Since it is the second highest rank in the game, the heroic rank requires a lot of RP points. To be exact, players would need 3200 RP to reach Heroic in the game. However, players are rewarded at the end of each ranked season based on their ranks. So working hard to raise that level of rank is usually worth it. The best rewards in the game are reserved for the best ranked players. Listed below are the RPs required to reach each rank in Free Fire.

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