How many hours should a 13 year old play?

By the age of 13, your child is no longer a toddler. They become more rebellious and are easily manipulated by outside sources who promise them a relaxed and carefree life. They are easily addicted to screens and can spend hours playing games, chatting online, watching movies and more if not interrupted. So it becomes necessary for parents to limit their teens’ screen time.

Thirteen is the susceptible age at which these rebellious and addictive behavior changes start to occur, so a parent needs to act as soon as possible. According to the experts’ recommendation, a child of this age should be able to engage in recreational activities in front of a screen for a maximum of two hours and no more. This limitation does not apply to educational activities that a child must comply with. But as a parent you have to make it clear to a child that he can’t just look everything up online and has to look for other sources of information and recreation.


How many hours are enough?

Sleep is essential for children’s healthy development and lifestyle.

Research shows that children who get enough sleep show improvements in:

Recommended time limits

But with these electronic devices so ingrained in our culture, how should parents set boundaries for their children? Dr. Yousuf said pediatricians generally recommend the following guidelines:

  • Under 2: zero screen time, except for video chats with family or friends
  • 2-5 years: no more than one hour a day in co-viewing with a parent or sibling
  • 5-17 years: generally no more than two hours a day, except for homework
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EXPERT | Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and, as usual, I am happy to contribute. Also, a curfew for 13-year-olds like your daughter should vary depending on whether or not you’re considering a school night curfew or a weekend curfew.

You simplify my answer a bit because you are referring to summer nights. However, not all summer evenings are the same. During the week many of our kids go to camp or other structured daily activities. Weekends are often less structured and children have the flexibility to sleep in.

How long is a school year?

Many states follow a 180-day school year requirement, but laws vary by state (and sometimes even within school districts). Many homeschoolers choose (but may not be required) to go through the same 180-day school year as public schools. Remember, check your local laws to learn how homeschooling works (including if there are any day and time requirements) for your state.

The type of homeschool records you keep and tracking of homeschool hours will depend on two main things:

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