How many types of PUBG are there?

Countries with own version of PUBG Mobile- China

Although there was huge popularity of PUBG in China, the government’s strict content regulations prevented developers from monetizing and generating revenue from the game. That’s why Tencent has created a less violent version of PUBG known as Game for Peace. Game of Peace was China’s way of making PUBG available in the country without violating any of the content compliance laws.


PUBG MOBILE Global is that version of PUBG MOBILE which is launched globally for each country. But due to some reasons, the game is banned in some countries (India is one of them). Whatever changes are made to the game, it arrives here unlike any other version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is the lightest version of PUBG MOBILE launched for low-end devices which have encountered problems running PUBG MOBILE due to its low configuration. In this version, some things are limited, such as the map that allows 60 players at a time, which means a faster game with the same atmosphere. Along with PUBG, this is banned in many other countries as well.

PUBG Lite Beta

Pubg Lite update included many features in PUBG lite beta. PUBG lite beta is a much better version of pubg. The features of pubg lite beta are provided as follows.

  • A server location change function has been added to the pubg lite beta. The process of changing the server location in pubg lite is first clicking on the settings button. And hit the change server button and you can also change the server in pubg lite game.
  • PUBG has also fixed visits bugs and glitches; All door opening issues in the game have been fixed in the pubg beta lite update. You can now enter the gate.
  • The next feature is pubg lite which changes the same graphics in this gun damage color which is changed from red to green, the feature is also very cool look.
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These are the main differences between Pubg Mobile Global and Pubg Mobile Kr

Players can redeem the Crate reward and exclusive in-game items in the Crate edition through the Donakatsu Medal instead of spending CUs. But in our global version we can’t get the donakatsu medals. However, these medals are not easy to get and are quite rare. As such medals are not available to redeem boxes globally. Therefore players need to mostly buy UC to open premium and classic boxes. These CUs must be purchased for real money.

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