How much does Free Fire cost?

The Elite Pass is one of the features that players can use to get some benefits from other players. By having an Elite Pass, you will get some exclusive items that other players don’t get the chance to get.

And there are different types of Elite Passes which also have different costs that you can purchase. In this coming season, there will be two options you can choose before purchasing.


How to buy the Free Fire subscription?

Step 1: Open Free Fire or Free Fire MAX on your device. In the main lobby, players need to click on the ‘Membership’ icon which is present at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Two options are shown in Subscription 2.0 choose monthly plan and proceed to payment.

Is Free Fire safe for children?

The usual caveats with online games apply: Cyberbullying is always a problem and children may find themselves interacting with much older players who may not realize they are playing with someone who is still in elementary school. There are in-app tools for reporting inappropriate behavior, and the company also monitors their social media accounts for support requests and complaints.

Children under 13 are technically not allowed to join Free Fire without parental permission, a rule that extends until they come of age in their jurisdiction. Parents can contact the company to cancel an account and disable the game, but first you need to know that it’s being played.

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Qustodio’s Final Free Fire Advice

In addition to the violence, heavy pressure to make in-app purchases, and direct chat, the Free Fire app has parental control. Instructs parents to use parental control features on their child’s Android or Apple phone. And it refers to the law in terms of age limits. In other words, it does the bare minimum to keep the kids safe. Therefore, we do not recommend letting your child or teenager play Free Fire.

What is the cost of 500 diamonds in free fire?

As we find out the price of a free fire diamond above, using that method you can find out “What is the cost of 500 diamonds in free fire?”.

As we know that if we top up 400 rupees in free fire, we get 520 free fire diamonds, so the price of 500 diamonds in free fire will be around ₹ 400. Also, check Free Fire Diamond Cost In India.

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