How much is an average gaming setup?

Going for a monitor with less than 144 Hz is not recommended, as everyone with a better monitor can see movements faster than you can. Great monitors for gaming are the ASUS VG278QR Gaming Monitor, which is 27inches wide, has Full HD, 0.5ms reaction time, and 165Hz.

Switching from 60 Hz to 144 Hz is a massive improvement, as monitors with higher refresh rates are able to show fast movements better, with less motion blur. Monitors with a low refresh rate use motion blur to display quick actions.


Cost of Prebuilt Gaming PCs

You don’t have to build your own gaming PCs. thing to do is buy a prebuilt one. Given the extra labor cost involved, you will likely pay more for such a computer. Note that this isn’t always the case. Some retailers can give you a cheaper price because they order computers in bulk – meaning the individual price of any given part for them is significantly cheaper. The most popular retailers are: Best Buy, Cyberpower, iBuyPower and Alienware and NZXT. We compared prices for a given computer across these retailers. Check out the costs below:

Keyboard and Mouse

Now that you have a monitor that provides a beautiful image while gaming, you need a keyboard and mouse so you can start playing PC games. When it comes to each of these pieces of your setup, they can be on the cheaper end, but there are a few details that you should be aware of.

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So, Should You Build or Buy a Gaming PC?

Build your own gaming PC if you want more customization and a better overall value. If none of that matters as much as the convenience and safety that comes with buying a prebuilt gaming PC, then have your system built by a company that specializes in doing that. Check out our guide on the best custom PC builders for some great options.

Since most gaming PCs are “budget” builds in the sense that they are built around a certain budget, here are some tips on how to prioritize your money when building a gaming PC.

Keyboard & Mouse

When it comes to these pieces of setup, they are generally cheaper. For gaming keyboards, you can get a wireless or a wired keyboard. Wired keyboards are usually cheaper, as they may cost between $40 and $70. And just like keyboards, there are wired and wireless options for a mouse. In addition to wired or wireless, optical or laser sensors are available. Optical sensors are commonly used but they are just as sensitive as many laser sensors. Unlike the keyboard, you should probably invest in a wireless mouse because it will allow you to move around more freely while gaming without an extra wire getting in the way.

The headset consolidates all audio and microphone requirements and is completely hands-free. The most important factors to watch out for when purchasing your gaming headsets are noise cancellation and comfort. You need your headset to be comfortable because you will be wearing it for extended periods. The ear pads should be properly fitted too. Noise-cancellation will help keep all of the necessary sound close to your ears when playing games with subtle audio cues or chats where you need to hear what people say. You can get a good gaming headset for about $100.

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