How much RAM has Steam Deck?

If you have too many background apps running, they eat the RAM required to play the game. A high-priority task in the background can acquire a lot of RAM. To allow the game to use more RAM, close the unnecessary apps running in the background.

To close the unused apps from the task manager, follow these steps.


Steam Deck RAM Performance Review

When it comes to purchasing a Steam Deck, many users come to the issue of RAM. Since the 16GB of RAM is not upgradable, they’re left wondering if it’ll be enough.

Knowing how well the Steam Deck performs on these built-in specs is crucial, and one way to assess the situation is with user reviews.

The Release Date

The Steam Deck was initially set to launch in December of 2021. With tons of people hyped about the console, the demand for it spiked to unexpected numbers. Bundled this with the chip shortage that the world is facing, the Steam Deck’s launch date got delayed to 2022.

At the moment, Valve has updated the release date for the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck will begin shipping in late February. However, this is only for the ones that are pre-ordered. If you are thinking of ordering one right now, get ready for a long wait. According to the shipping estimates, you won’t be getting a Steam Deck before the end of Q2 2022.

UMA (Uniform Memory Access)

How much VRAM does the Steam Deck have?

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Steam Deck is endowed with 16 gigabyte of unified memory. 1 GB is dedicated to the GPU, but based on the load of work, this can only access 8 GB. This is at least theoretically because many have not been used, SteamOS is not always automatically able to allocate more RAM to the GPU, in In this way, penalizing the performance of some titoli that fans confirm their a certain quantity of RAM for the video schedule. Parliamo di titoli come No Man’s Sky, Skyrim, Bright Memory Infinite.

GPU (Integrated Graphics)

As for the GPU, there are two ways you could productively think about it. First, before talking about desktop parts, you could think about the fact that this 1.6 TFLOPS GPU should be in the ballpark of last gen’s home consoles when comparing raw values ​​(Xbox One S at 1.4 TFLOPS, and the PS4 at 1.8 TFLOPS).

Second, comparing the Steam Deck’s GPU currently available graphics cards, the Steam Deck falls just a bit behind the GTX 1050—again, when comparing only TFLOPS numbers. But TFLOPS numbers don’t tell the whole story. In fact, they may do little to truly pinpoint the hardware’s ability (unless you’re planning on running scientific calculations on the Steam Deck to use it for machine learning rather than gaming, I guess).

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