How much should Steam Deck cost?

Valve’s first foray into the handheld console market has officially begun. The gaming giant revealed plans earlier today for a Steam Deck coming at the end of this year.

While you can’t get your hands on these bad boys yet, Valve will begin taking reservations for the console tomorrow at 12pm CT. The company plans to start shipping the product to customers beginning in December of this year.

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Kirkland, Wash.-based Kobold Press has used the Open Game License to publish material for D&D 5th edition, such as 2016’s Tome of Beasts, shown above. (Kobold Press Image)

As previously reported, a Jan. 5 leak via io9’s Linda Concerga indicated that Wizards had plans to deauthorize its Open Game License (OGL), a public copyright notice that the company adopted in 2000. Under the terms of version 1.0a of the OGL, other companies were free to create, publish, and even monetize original material that’s based on or compatible with D&D without Wizards’ involvement.

How Much Does the Steam Deck Cost?

The price of the Steam Deck depends on the version you’re going for. The various versions also come in different storage sizes and minor features like Steam Community profile bundle.

The 64gb version is sold at $399, the 256gb version costs $529, while the 512gb version of the Steam Deck will cost you $649. The more expensive versions of the handheld w features faster NVMe SSD storage compared to the 64gb versions that are cheaper.

Ingress Protection Levels:

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But even if your phone has the highest rating, it won’t be entirely waterproof. The classifications should be used as a backup (in case you drop your phone in the pool or spill your drink on it), and not as guidelines for how often to take your phone in the surf at Bondi. Also note that electronics are tested in fresh water, without any sea salt or chemicals. This means the chlorine in your pool could do extra damage if water does manage to get inside your device.

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