How to be a Roblox Hacker?

How to be a Hacker in Roblox?

Here we will teach you how to be a Hacker in Roblox, whether you play on a mobile device or if you play from a computer. We will teach you how to install mods for any device or computer so you can fly, walk through walls and much more.

Be warned though, unfortunately you can’t be a safe hacker in Roblox, as if you are found hacking in any way, you will be punished and your account will be banned, as it is illegal and therefore not recommended.

The use of Hacks will not be seen by Roblox administrators, nor will it be detected, however if an administrator observes you flying or going through walls, they can remove you from Roblox.

How to hack Roblox on your cell phone?

Now we will show you how to use Hacks in Roblox, using your Iphone or Android mobile phone. With these hacks in Roblox, you will be able to fly, go through walls and many more things.

Steps to follow to be a hacker in Roblox:

1- The first step that we must give is to look for in our cell phone, through the page of google a mod called Happymod as it is shown in the following image. To download it enter the word “download happy mod for roblox uptodown” followed by the brand of your cell phone. This mod will allow us to perform all the tricks.

download happy mod for roblox uptodown

2- After entering the page you only have to look for the download button and press it. Currently the latest version of Happymod is 2.7.6, but it is constantly updated. After downloading it, do not install it immediately, since you will have to uninstall Roblox first.

downlaod happy mod 2.7.6

3- The next step is to uninstall the Roblox application since we will reinstall it from happymod. Open happymod and enter the word Roblox, to install Roblox from this application.

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roblox happy mod install last version

4- Now we will go to the menu of our mobile device and enter the Roblox application, recently installed. You will see that it is identical to the original Roblox. We will have to log in normally in Roblox or register again with another account if you are afraid that your main account will be removed for using cheats.

After logging into Roblox, you just need to enter your favorite game and click on the logo shown in the following image:

log happy mod download last version

A menu will open, with the options “Wall“, “AirJump” and “Explode“. The first option called WALL is for going through walls.  AirJump will make you fly and the last option called “Explode”, do not touch it, we warn you not to use it. Only activate the first two options.

wall roblox air jump mod

Ready after activating the options you can be a real Hacker in Roblox, going through walls or flying everywhere. To fly you just have to press several times the button to jump.

wall and air jump roblox hack

How to hack Roblox on your computer?

In this section we will teach you how to use hacks in Roblox, on your computer.

Steps to be Hacker in Roblox on computers:

1- The first step is to open the internet browser on your computer and search for the following “wearedevs“. You should enter the first option as shown in the following image:

download wearedevs

2- Inside the “wearedevs” page, we will have to look for and download an Exploit called “JJSploit” that will allow us to make all type of tricks and hacks in Roblox. To download it just press the DOWNLOAD button.

JJSploit download

3- Find the file you downloaded in your download folder and open it with a double click. Install the program and then open it normally as you would open any program.

4- Now you will have to open Roblox in your browser and enter your favorite game inside Roblox. Once inside the Roblox game you want to use Hacks, open the JJSpit program and press the “Attach” button.

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 Attach roblox jjsplit

After pressing the “Attach” button, you must wait for the program to load, until the following image is displayed with all the commands for Roblox:

jj sploit commands hacks

To use them just click on the hack you want to use.  If the program gives error or the hack does not run just reopen JJSploit and press the “Attach” button again.

As an example if you click on “InfiniteJump” and then in the game press the jump button, you will jump infinitely so it will look like you are flying.

The ESP mode will allow you to see where all the players are, their name and how far away they are. If you want to remove the cheat just click the hack button again.

esp jj sploit hack

After you use the ESP mode to find out the player’s name, you can also use the trick called “Magnetize to” where you enter the player’s name. This will cause you to be dragged to where the player you entered the name is located.

magnetize to jjsploit

Other alternatives to be a hacker in Roblox without downloading programs

These are two alternatives for those who want to be a hacker in Roblox without downloading anything, there is a diverse amount of games in which you can play the role of hacker and have fun within the same game.

If you want to be a hacker inside Roblox you will have to take into account the following specific recommendations:

1- Get Robux through applications or platforms specifically created for this purpose. In this link we show you how to do it.
2- Make use of the administrator codes that can give you special advantages within this title. In this link you will find all the updated codes.

With all this we have told you so far, we hope you have been able to answer each of those questions you had so far about how to be a hacker in Roblox, and learn more about what it really is to be a hacker in Roblox.

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