How to become a Grandmaster in Free Fire?

Top 5 tips to reach Heroic or Grandmaster rank in Free Fire: Free Fire MAX is always known for its amazing levels which create a competitive atmosphere in the community. Thus, it is considered an achievement for players to reach higher ranks such as Heroic or Grandmaster. Meanwhile, players will be able to claim various rewards by finishing in Free Fire and its MAX version. In recent years, the number of active players has increased dramatically, amassing over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store while the original variant has over a billion downloads. For future updates on Free Fire, follow InsideSport on GOOGLE NEWS.

Top 5 tips to reach Heroic or Grandmaster rank in Free Fire, check the full list in Free Fire Max has permanent team. Form a team made up of your best friends so you can rank up together.

If you try to increase your ranking with unknown players, your chances of winning will be slim. Try to rank up with a team you’ve already formed to keep communicating and strategizing.

How much is the Grandmaster score in Free Fire (FF)?

In this game, it is important that you know each score on the leaderboard. If you are ambitious enough in Free Fire, you must know that the highest rank in Free Fire is. The highest rank you can achieve is Grand Master.

To get to this point, you first need to know what the grandmaster score is in Free Fire. This is really important to do. Because if you know the exact score required, you will have clear goals to achieve in the game. And you can plan your way better as you level up in the game.

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Pick a better team

Whether it’s Clash Squad mode or Battle Royale mode, picking a better team will always come in handy if they want to rank up and reach the Grandmaster. Having a better team will create better synergy between teammates.

In Free Fire MAX, there are a total of 43 characters in the game, and each of them has their own unique abilities. Thus, mastering the character’s skills will help you defeat your opponents. You can also check out our complete guide on Garena Free Fire MAX Characters and Abilities.

Plan ahead

It will take you about two weeks to reach the top position if you play full time. But if you have the best plans and strategies, you can easily reach the level of grandmaster in free fire quickly. During matches, you shouldn’t run without cover fire. Also, don’t forget to use the Gloo wall. Also, load up on the best gear before starting the game. Finally, set your sensitivity to the best.

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