How to become an administrator in Roblox?

How to become an Administrator in Roblox?

There are several pages and video tutorials that teach you how to become an administrator of Roblox, but do not be fooled, you should know that there is no such thing as being an administrator with tricks, you can not be an administrator of Roblox without working for the company.

If you love so much to play Roblox, you want to be a fundamental piece of the game by becoming an administrator or what is the same Roblox moderator here we will teach you how to become an administrator of Roblox (Work for the company) and what functions it fulfills. You can also access this link to see all the Roblox administrator commands.

What is an administrator or moderator in Roblox? What are the functions of Roblox moderators?

An administrator or moderator in Roblox, is a person of legal age (eighteen years old) who works in the company and you can identify them in the game because they have a special badge like the one shown in the following image:

roblox moderator's badge

The job of a moderator is to maintain a healthy community by eliminating offensive players to make the game better and less toxic.

If you see someone claiming to be an administrator and you don’t see the special badge shown in the image above, report them so that you can help create a better community.

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Be very careful if someone tells you they are an administrator and they don’t have these badges because it could be some kind of scam or deception. If this happens to you, you should report it immediately through the official Roblox website, looking for the Report Abuse button.

This report button is present in various parts of the page and also within all games. By reporting this cheating user, your account will be deleted.

Please note that no Roblox administrator will ask you for your password. In case this happens, as we mentioned before, you must report the abuse by clicking on any of the Report Abuse links on the site.

In any case, you will not be able to confuse one of these IDs with the administrator badge, as they are quite different.

Another way to find an administrator is when you are in one of the mini-games. You should look at the leaderboard, located in the upper right corner, where you will see the players present at that moment.  If an administrator is present you will notice it because the following icon will appear next to his name:


How to become an administrator in Roblox? How can you work for Roblox?

Here we will show you step by step how to become an administrator or moderator in Roblox.

To be an administrator in Roblox it is essential that you work in the company and there is no other way you can do it and it doesn’t matter how long you have been playing the game. Also remember that you must also be over eighteen years old.

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Don’t be discouraged it is possible to be a Roblox employee and we are going to help you in the process just follow the next steps.

Steps to become an Administrator in Roblox:

Step number one: The first thing you need to do is click on this link to enter the official Roblox website. Then scroll down the page until you find “VIEW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES“. When you enter this page the page will allow you to choose a department where you would like to work. Depending on the department you choose you will have to choose a group.

 view job opportunity roblox

Step two: When you set the three options (department, group and location), you will see a list of vacancies below. Click on the position you want to fill and wait for the page to load.

Step three: When the page loads you will see a text explaining why you should work at Roblox, what is needed, what you will be able to do and what the benefits are.

Below all the text there is a form you have to fill in. You have options to leave a link to your website, Linkedin profile, portfolio, and submit your resume.

When you finish click on the “Submit Application” button. Then you will have to wait to be contacted, if the company is interested in you.

Considerations: Is it easy to work at Roblox?

We don’t want to break the children’s dream, but we want to make something clear: not just anyone works at Roblox. The applicant must be very prepared, with at least five years of work experience to be considered.

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