How to change username in Free Fire without diamonds?

Use free diamonds to change nickname to free fire

Many players think that you can only get diamonds when you spend real money on them, but that’s not true. Nowadays, you can quickly get free diamonds for your free Fire account. You have to follow some simple steps. To change nicknames in Free Fire, you need a minimum of 390 diamonds. By following the steps mentioned below, you can easily earn 390 diamonds to change your fire name for free.


Nickname Free Fire


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Getting more name changes in Free Fire

You have already used name change once and now you don’t want to pay 800 Diamonds, normal, so there is another option that will allow you change the name without spending so many diamonds.

You’ll find it in the Clan Tokens section, located in Store > Redeem > Clan Tokens. Here is the Name Change Token, which is really very cheap because it costs 200 Clan Tokens and 79 diamonds. With this card, you’ll be able to change your name again, so find one you like so you don’t have to change it again by spending more diamonds.

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How to change name in Free Fire without Diamond Method 1:

When you start playing, you can set your game identity in Free Fire according to your wish. This helps you stand out from the crowd when you start your rush to gain knowledge about this game. But in case of an exchange of ideas later, there is also the alternative of changing this name.

However, altering an identity in Garena Free Fire comes at a cost, and you’ll want to shell out 390 diamonds to do so.

Steps to Change Names to Free Fire MAX

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Free Fire Max Players must follow the following steps to change their names

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