How to configure Free Fire controls to play better?

You can also use a lighter simulator to be able to play the free version of Fire PC. An example is you can use NOX Player. Nox Launcher or Nox Player is much lighter than other types of simulators. But of course it still has to be adapted to the type of PC or laptop.

The thing you need to know is that emulators will be heavier on CPU, so you need to make sure your CPU has high speed and also good efficiency. As far as RAM or GPU is concerned, it doesn’t have much impact in playing this free PC game.


GRAPHICS – Free Fire Settings

  • Graphics – Smooth (low-end devices), Standard (mid-range devices), Ultra (high-end devices)
    • High Resolution – Normal
    • Shadow – On
  • Filter – Vivid
  • High FPS – High
  • High Resolution – Normal
  • Shadow – On

Main controls

This section of the gameplay is declared the most important section. Where players can improve aiming efficiency and increase damage control against opponents. Although the developers already install the main default.

We have never said that the particular setting is not good in terms of gameplay. But those willing to go beyond the basic check should tweak the options from here. Handling the controls efficiently will not only make the game better.

The perfect Free Fire settings for professionalism

For players who want to change their settings to the best settings, follow the following steps, which we will show in the pictures and through the stages:

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1- First you need to open free fire game and go to settings

What are Free Fire maximum sensitivity settings and why is it important?

You may have noticed that while playing Free Fire Max or any other FPP/TPP game, you will be limited with your movement. This is due to the sensitivity settings. Free Fire allows you to change the sensitivity settings so that you can easily improve your gaming experience. By default, the sensitivity of the game is set to medium and you can easily customize it to get the movements in the game. This also allows you to have a better response time as you take on an opponent and get that sweet headshot. So, if you want to improve your game, you should try using custom sensitivity settings for better results.

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