How to cure Salmonella in Dayz?

Chemical poisoning can be acquired by consuming one of these things: alcohol tinctures, disinfectant sprays, and gasoline. You can get it by accident, but keep in mind that the more you drink, the higher your chances of getting chemical poisoning. Symptoms of chemical poisoning are blood loss and dehydration, which can ultimately lead to death.

Chemical poisoning is one of the most critical diseases in the game and you need to cure it as soon as possible. To treat chemical poisoning, you will need to take charcoal tablets to effectively reduce the symptoms.

How to get rid of diseases and health problems in DAYZ

Depending on the type of disease, there are different solutions to the problem. It is important to understand that all pills have some kind of effect on all diseases of the game.

However, each pill also has a clear purpose, so knowing what to take depending on the disease your survivor has is crucial.

What other diseases are in DayZ and how do you cure them?

  • Food poisoning: detailed above!
  • Kuru (brain disease): This infection is one of the most annoying diseases in DayZ: you laugh and shake. You become infected by warping human flesh, fat, or blood. There is no cure.
  • Wound Infection: One of the most complex diseases in DayZ — We have a complete guide on Wound Infection and Treatment for you.
  • Cholera: Get cholera from dirty water distortion. Your character will vomit frequently and a cure is possible with tetracycline tablets.
  • Common cold: if you are hypothermic for too long, you could catch a cold. Even an already infected player can transmit the disease. You cough and tremble. Treat a cold with tetracycline tablets.
  • Flu: You also get the flu from prolonged hypothermia or from contact with an infected player. Sneezing, coughing and even fever are the result of an infection. The flu can be treated with tetracycline tablets.
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There are two ways to get cholera. If you drink or eat with bloody hands or take contaminated water, you will probably end up in an unpleasant situation with this.

If your character is dehydrated, has blurred vision or is vomiting, then you have managed to collect some nasty bacteria!

Cure for the common cold

You will also need some tetracycline pills to cure a common cold.

Chemical poisoning usually occurs due to ingestion of harmful chemicals in the game. These include but are not limited to petroleum products, disinfectants and gases. Usually, this results in blood poisoning and vomiting, eventually leading to blood loss and severe dehydration.

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