How to enter black letter in Free Fire?

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How to change the name of Free Fire on Android Mobile

  • The process to change the name in the game Free Fire Mobile is similar to PC.
  • Go to the profile settings section.
  • Click the yellow notebook icon.
  • Enter your new name and it will be saved automatically.

Android devices have many keyboard options, but iOS devices somewhere lack this feature. Most of the time, iPhones don’t support keyboard with special characters, so you’ll have to get your name from somewhere else like Once you find the best Free Fire name for you, you can change your old name to a new one using the above process.

Learn more about FF Nickname Generator

Stylish name generators are used to generate stylish symbol names for different games. This trend of trendy game names has been established by popular Indian PUBG streamers Dynamo and Mortal. Most of the dedicated gamers who play PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile etc. Now they prefer elegant and unique names. These names often differ from their “real world” names. Most of the “pro” streamers are known by their in-game names.

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Elegant name generators, however, are by no means limited to just games. Many people are starting to use these trendy symbol names for their social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter etc as well. All of these social media giants welcome fancy names. You can use the Name Generator tool above to generate random elegant names.

What is guild in Free Fire Max game?

Guild is nothing but a team of four players in Free Fire Max. The player can communicate with others with the help of guild. Free Fire enthusiasts can create and add up to four players in their squad and play matches as a team. Keep in mind that creating a guild will cost diamonds.

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How to put colored letters in Free Fire profile

) )

  1. We access the Free Fire chat
  2. We write there the text that we want to have a special color
  3. We send it and then check that it is of a message with color. To achieve this, we just have to insert the corresponding code before the message in question.

The codes for each of them are as follows:

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