How to get a Unicorn on Adopt Me?

How to have a unicorn in Adopt Me on Roblox?

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In the game Adopt Me we can enjoy an incredible number of pets which we must raise with love but as you may already know, there are some pets easier to find and others more complicated to find. In this case the unicorn is a legendary pet and therefore more difficult to obtain.

In this article we will talk about one of the most difficult pets to get, today we will show you how to get a unicorn in Adopt Me of Roblox.

Although it is one of the most difficult pets to get, it is also one of the most interesting ones.

Getting a unicorn in Roblox

The only way to get a unicorn in Adopt Me is by buying one of the three eggs offered in the nursery, which can vary both in price and in the percentage of probability of getting a unicorn.

Getting a unicorn with a cracked egg, the cheapest one

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The broken egg is the cheapest egg you can buy. Now as we said before, each egg has different possibilities in which you can get a unicorn.

Each egg you buy in Roblox can leave us a common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare or legendary pet and in the case of the broken egg the chances of getting a common pet are 45%.

The unicorn is a legendary pet, so the chances of finding a unicorn in one of these broken eggs is only 1.5%. If you have little money wait to get more money as the odds are really low.

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Getting a unicorn with a Pet Egg

The pet egg increases both in price and percentage chance that you will find a unicorn. The pet egg is a very good option as it is offered in the nursery for a reasonable price.

In the pet egg, the chances of finding a unicorn increase to a percentage of 3%, which is twice as likely as a broken egg.

Obtaining a unicorn with a Real Egg

The royal egg is the best option to find this legendary pet but it is also the option in which we will spend more money.

The Royal Egg increases the chances of encountering your future unicorn pet, or other legendary pets, to 8%. But remember, its price is the highest of the three eggs.

However, the real egg also has high probability percentages for other types of pets, such as the rare pets, which have a 37% probability, or the ultra rare ones with a 30% probability of obtaining them.

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